How to Buy High-Quality Drawstring Backpacks?


Different kinds of bags have their place in your wardrobe. Among these, drawstring bags are pretty popular among the younger generation.

Thanks to their flexibility and comfortable features, drawstring bags are widely used and appreciated as promotional items.

Why Choose Drawstring Bags for Promotions

Drawstring backpacks are simple kinds of bags that come in all shapes and sizes. They can be used for promotional purposes because:

  • They can help create a good brand image.
  • Drawstring bags come in handy for people who are always on the go. It helps them pack their essentials within the blink of an eye.
  • These bags are an ideal present for people of all age groups.
  • These kinds of bags are handy and comfortable to carry around.
  • It is a reusable investment for frequent travelers.

There are a few points to keep in mind while buying high-quality drawstring bags.

Select an Established Company or a Seller

Drawstring backpacks are quite popular. Hence, you can find them in many local shops or online stores.

But, selecting the right dealer in backpacks is important to get the best quality ones. Always research to find the leading distributors with positive reviews and stellar reputations.

The quality of a bag will define its durability in the long run. Superior drawstring bags are always worth the money.

Select Bags in the Right Size

Before you buy a drawstring backpack, you should have a fair idea of what the recipients can carry in it. If you stuff the bag with loads of items, it may tear off sooner.

You should always buy bags that are one or two inches bigger than the largest product you would like to carry in it. This allows you to close the strings safely and also increases the robustness of the bags.

Drawstring lengths are usually more or less of the same length for all bags. You can adjust the string and shorten or increase it according to your height.

Select the Correct Fabric for your Backpack

The fabric of drawstring backpacks is also an essential factor that determines their quality and prices. Determine your budget before making this decision.

Drawstring bags are manufactured with various kinds of fabrics like:

  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Nylon

Checking the drawstring material of the bags is also important. The drawstring material should be sturdy but also soft. It should withstand the load in the bag but not be a burden on your shoulders.

Select the Right Kind of Bag Based on the Usage

According to Forbes, tourist companies specializing in hiking, walking, and biking trips have reported a record booking for 2022. This new trend will propel demands for traveling gear, including small but significant drawstring-style backpacks. And this is just one industry, while demands may also come from other sectors, like education, gyms, etc.

It is needless to say here that drawstring bags are used for different needs. You should select one according to your target audience and promotional goals. Your options are:

  • Bags for everyday use: Drawstring bags made with durable polyester material are recommended for everyday use. They come with a side mesh pocket to keep water bottles, a port for headphones for music lovers, and an additional hidden compartment for your keys. All the pockets have zips for easy accessibility.
  • Bags for gyms: Drawstring backpacks for gym lovers are usually made of heavy-fabric material. They are designed to carry all gym equipment and accessories. These kinds of rucksacks can better withstand everyday wear and tear. Gym drawstring bags are usually washable and waterproof. You can select from a wide range of colors from reputed dealers in the market.
  • Stylish canvas bags: Trendy drawstring bags are sure to grab eyeballs at any show or event. These canvas bags also have a pocket to keep sunglasses or wallets.
  • Bags for travelers: People who love hiking and trekking would love heavy-duty drawstring backpacks. These bags come with a double layer of synthetic and water-resistant fabric. They are comparatively more durable than other kinds of drawstring bags.

Check out Prices and Compare

Before you chose to buy a drawstring bag, it is mandatory to compare prices offered by different companies.

Some dealers might offer a discount on bags of the same quality and size. You may also get additional benefits like reward points and free goodies while buying drawstring backpacks online.

Some established names in the market also offer customized, high-quality drawstring bags. You can choose to print your company’s name or logo on the bags.

You may consider investing in a good-quality drawstring bag to promote your business to the right audience.


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