This Business Tool Can Make Small Business Finances Easy


Small businesses pay billions of dollars a year to the IRS because of payroll errors. And 40% of business owners say bookkeeping and taxes are their least favorite part of the job.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

We take you through a business tool to make payroll problems a thing of the past.

Pay Stubs

Pay stubs are legal documents so it’s important to get them right. Depending on the state you’re in a pay stub may have specific requirements for what it shows, so be sure to check before creating one.

A pay stub is also a really useful finance tool for both yourself and your employee. Keeping accurate records will help resolve any disputes and keep things simple when it’s time to do your taxes.

Business Tool

If you’re sick of spending hours on payroll and can’t afford to outsource the task, has exactly what you need.

It’s an online tool that creates pay stubs in minutes.

How It Works

When you arrive at the webpage, simply choose between hourly or salaried wage and whether you’re paying an employee or a contractor. Next, choose the state you’re in and click ‘create your pay stub now”.

Company & Employee Details

The next step is all about your company. You’ll need your company name and email address but will also have the option to add your companies logo, address, phone number, and Company EIN/SSN.

Now you’ll need to enter your employee’s details, including their SSN and name. You can also add their employee ID, address, number of dependents, and exemptions.

Salary Details

Finish up with the salary details, including annual salary, pay frequency, pay dates, additions, deductions, and more!

You’re now ready to preview your finished pay stub and can even choose a color for the headings. Once you’re done you can check out, download, and have your pay stub emailed to you.

More Finance Tools

Wave is a free business tool for keeping track of invoices and receipts. It’s a great way to keep your books balanced.

You Need A Budget is an award-winning accounting and legal service to help you track your income and expenses.

Quickbooks and Freshbooks are also good choices with extra features but are paid services.

X-Cart provides an online shopping cart and e-commerce solution for your business. It’s a little more technical so you need the know-how or an IT whizz to hand, but with all its features and extensions it’s a must-have business tool.

Bonus Business Hacks

If you’re not on LinkedIn, you should be! It’s one of the biggest social networks for professionals and businesses. Meetup will also connect you to gatherings and networking opportunities in your area.

Try Evernote or Trello for productivity and project management. ScheduleOnce is also a free calendar management tool that syncs with Google Calendar.

Finally, any business owner knows its customers are the most important part of their business. Keep them happy with customer relationship management from Apptivo.

Why Stop There?

We have a whole section for everything business on our website. Check it out for articles on everything from business travel to marketing! Be sure to leave us your top tips and business tool recommendations in the comments.


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