Why Having Business Solar Panels Is a Great Idea


Efficiency and cost-saving are two perennial business concerns no matter how big or small a business you own. While lay-offs get a lot of bad press as a cost-cutting measure, it’s certainly not the only choice available for businesses looking for ways to improve profits.

One option that some businesses adopt is a business solar system. Solar panels offer you a number of benefits both immediate and long-term.

Not sure if solar panel installation is right for you? Keep reading for some key reasons why business solar panels are a great idea.

Reduced Electricity Costs

Electricity is often a huge ongoing cost for businesses. Between the lights, equipment, and IT infrastructure, even small businesses can rack up a hefty electricity bill each month. Solar panels help you reduce those costs immediately and over the long term.

While you can’t eliminate that electricity bill entirely, commercial properties can see reductions as high as 75 percent.


While federal incentives for solar power will likely lapse in the next few years barring congressional action, many states still maintain active rebates and tax incentives for solar. That means you can see a huge break on your yearly state taxes or get a big break on the installation costs.

Support Other Local Businesses

While there are big solar companies out there, most of them are equipment producers. A local solar business, such as a solar installer, likely is a locally-owned business with local employees. Giving them work is a great way to support other local businesses and the local economy.

Minimal Maintenance

As additions to a property go, solar panels require very minimal maintenance. While you’ll want a solar company to come out and check on the system occasionally, most maintenance boils down to cleaning dirt or dust off the panels to keep the conversion efficiency high.

Good for the Environment

Solar power is beneficial for the environment since it cuts down the size of your business’s carbon footprint. You use less grid electricity, which means lower fossil fuel or nuclear power demands. That means cleaner air and less overall pollution.


While installing solar only for the public relations boost would prove a particularly cynical move, it is still good PR. As consumers become increasingly sensitive to environmental concerns, a solar installation on your business shows a meaningful commitment to sustainability. You can use it and other green initiatives as part of your marketing efforts.

Business Solar and You

Getting a business solar system installation is a great idea for lots of reasons. It lets you do something positive for environmental health. As a byproduct of that, you get a little positive PR and some fodder for your marketing campaigns.

You get a cost reduction in terms of your electricity bill, which can prove substantial in the long term. There are tax incentives and rebates available to help with the costs. Plus, you can support the local economy.

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