3 Must-Have Business Planning Tools for Easy Efficiency


In a world where the average business uses around 129 applications in their daily operations, it’s important to get business planning tools that will help keep you organized.

There are tons of options out there when it comes to these apps, but we’ve narrowed it down to some of the best. Read on for our top 3 small business tools that can raise your ROI and boost your chances of success through the roof.

1Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Office is a pretty standard part of most business’ operations, but it’s important that we talk about the merits of Excel. Excel is one of the best planning tools for businesses because it’s accessible and keeps all of your information in an easy-to-read spreadsheet format.

You can link Excel to other applications and keep track of purchases, items you’ve sold, and your ROI for certain investments. It’s also easy to add rows and columns in the software so that you never need to redo the entire spreadsheet because you’re missing one line. Check out this guide that details Excel tips and tricks to up your organization game.

2Pay Stub Templates

Have you tried the pay stub templates? If not, you’re missing out. These templates make it easy for your to create, save, store, and share pay stubs on any machine. They give your employees and colleagues instant access to much-needed company records. These records will all be in a consistent format when you choose to use templates, making them easier to read.

You also won’t need to try to create a readable template in other software. No knowledge of coding is necessary to use the templates- all you need is the information that you’re trying to document. Best of all, they’re completely free, which saves you time and money that could be spent on other resources.


If This, Then That (abbreviated as IFTTT) is an organization and automation tool that every business needs. It integrates all of the applications on your machine together and automates the processes that they perform. You no longer will need to manually open and work each app every time you need them to perform their intended function.

For example, if you wanted to send an email newsletter with leads gathered from your official website, you can use IFTTT. The software will link your email account to the list. This lead list will be created in software that had already been linked to your official webpage to store and organize leads. IFTTT automates all of these processes so that you can use your apps more easily.

More Awesome Business Planning Tools

While all of the business planning tools on this list are awesome and will help your business success skyrocket, it’s time to learn more tech tools that you can use to boost your ROI.

Check out the ‘free tools’ tab on our homepage to access some awesome applications that will make working with colleagues and clients easier. You can also take a look at other articles on our blog for more intel about how you can make your startup soar.


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