5 Best Translations Apps for Traveling


Although traveling is somewhat limited today, it’s not completely forbidden, and it still can be fun. Aside from being one of the best forms of leisure known to humankind, traveling can also be very good for your health, both mental and physical. At the same time, traveling can be challenging for some, primarily due to the language barrier. Yes, the language barrier is still relevant, despite all our efforts and technological advancements. Still, technology can largely help in solving this issue, at least, while you take a trip.

Translation Giants

Technology has managed to take a huge step recently, so today we can enjoy our lives free of many routine tasks and lots of useful and convenient things. Traveling has also largely benefitted from the advances of our digital devices. Yes, you still have to address the certified translation company if you need your travel documents translated but you don’t need to bring any paper dictionaries and speaker books with you anymore. All of that fits perfectly in your smartphone.

With all the modern developments digital technology offers today, the only remaining issue appears to be the issue of choice. The point is that the translation apps are so many, it’s sometimes hard to choose. Just like with transcription jobs ideas, there is a large variety, depending on the functionality and purpose. So, here are some of the best and top recommended apps for traveling that will likely fit your phone.

5 Best Translations Apps for Traveling

1Google Translate

Although Google Translate has quite a dark reputation history, all of that seems to be in the past as the app receives some positive feedback quite recently. Essentially, Google Translate is a perfect translation app. It supports 100 languages, recognizes handwritten text, and works very fast. The app, however, works well only with separate words and some short phrases, completely losing its mind with longer portions of text, so it’s best used as a dictionary.

2Microsoft Translate

Another powerful translation tool with a somewhat better reputation and realization. Although it supports fewer languages, namely 90, it works much better with greater portions of text and is very good at speech-to-text translations. You can speak in noisy places, and it will still translate whatever you and your conversation partner are saying. Some additional advantages of Microsoft Translator are that it works on all popular operating systems, Windows, Android, and iOS, and is available for free.


A great and somewhat lighter alternative to Microsoft Translator, SayHi is a great app for traveling because it is designed primarily for conversations. Supporting around 70 languages, SayHi additionally works with nearly all dialects of those languages and has almost perfect speech recognition. On top of all of that, the app is completely free.


While the previous two apps were good for speech translations, TextGrabber is an expert with camera and image translations. By quickly recognizing the text from an image, the app translates it into the language you need and readjusts the result text right in the image or photo. This makes the app a must-have choice for travels as it’ll help greatly in reading the road signs and menus as you go on with your trip.


If you need something more than just a translation app, TripLingo is an app for you. Offering a text, speech, and camera translator, this application also provides you with some encyclopedic information about the places you visit. All you have to do to unlock this preference is to download the needed packages, and you’ll get lots of useful information regarding the local traditions, customs, and manner of speech.

Traveling Confidently

Communication barriers, which include the language barrier, can be truly devastating. In the best-case scenario, you and your conversation partner simply do not understand each other, so you cannot interact with any kind of effect. Yet should you have any misunderstandings, and your whole trip may turn into a disaster. That’s why it’s important to use all the help available, including the translation apps listed above. All of them are pretty powerful, include some impressive preferences, and most of them are completely free, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep them for your travels.


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