10 Best Companies That Make Traffic Signs


As cities grow, the number of vehicles on roads also increases. Consequently, local authorities need to construct more roads to cater to the growing traffic.

Although building more roads doesn’t solve anything as far as safety is concerned, installing the necessary traffic signs does. That said, here are the top ten manufacturers of traffic signs:

1Best Manufacturers of Traffic Signs

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of smart traffic solutions, including guide signs, traffic signals, solar-powered traffic lights, cones and barricades, and road warning signs.

The company leverages the latest technologies to manufacture high-end traffic control solutions and equipment for highways, accident sites, and construction zones.

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries started operating out of a small shop garage but has grown into a market leader in the Northwestern United States.

The company has carved a niche in the market by manufacturing traffic solutions that are MUTCD-compliant.

As a result, it has emerged as a competitive contractor serving both local authorities and businesses.

By leveraging the latest manufacturing technologies, Worksafe delivers on its orders within seven days. Besides, all products manufactured and sold by the company meet the highest standards, which guarantees reliability and longevity.

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries understands the significance of traffic signs on highways and elsewhere.

Thus, the company avails its products in a broad range of materials and unique designs.

The signs are designed and manufactured to exact standards and comply with all the necessary state and federal requirements.

Worksafe is affiliated with the Maine Better Transportation Association, Massachusetts Highway Association, and the American Association of General Contractors, among other organizations.

Southland Equipment Service, Inc.

Southland is a Columbia, SC-based company that distributes parking and traffic signs featuring a baked non-reflective aluminum or steel finish.

The company’s custom traffic signs include yield, stop, do not enter, parking, fire lane, and loading zone.

Southland started as a service company in 1971 before branching out into the traffic signs manufacturing industry.

Besides distributing traffic lights, the company also rents out the equipment to road construction companies and other clients who only need to use traffic lights for a short time.

Tech Products, Inc.

Tech Products Inc. describes itself as the number one manufacturer of traffic signs, mile markers, and pole tags.

The company is synonymous with Everlast, a thick and high-impact polyolefin product used for signage purposes. 5052 and 3105 Alloy Grade aluminum is used in the company’s products.

Thus, they are said to be MUTCD-certified and meet US Bureau of Public Roads Standards.

Indianapolis Badge & Nameplate Co.

As the name suggests, the company is based in Indianapolis. It touts itself as the go-to supplier of a wide range of traffic signs, including parking signs, traffic warning signs, construction signs, street name signs, school signs, cone barricades, pavement markers, and road and street signs.

All Indianapolis Badge & Nameplate Co. products are available in reflective aluminum to guarantee road users’ utmost visibility and safety. Besides ensuring immediate deliveries, clients can also place orders for unique and custom traffic signs.

Custom Home Accessories

The Rancho Cordova-based company manufactures many traffic signs, including street signs, golf course signs, and decorative signs.

Its goal is to manufacture and distribute high-quality products that help road users to identify traffic symbols and markings.

Custom Home Accessories banks on its expertise to create industrial-grade aluminum and steel traffic signs.

The company offers municipal-grade MUTCD compliant traffic lights that can withstand years of use without fading. It serves the traffic sign needs of cities, states, counties, villages, construction companies, hospitals, and schools.

Wharton Hardware and Supply

For over 60 years, Wharton Hardware and Supply have stood out as the leading industrial and commercial supplier of traffic signs in New Jersey and Virginia.

The company not only manufactures traffic signs but also rents out its products to clients.

One outstanding feature about Wharton Hardware and Supply is its Jobsite delivery service, which ensures that clients get whatever traffic lights they need as soon as possible.

The company also boasts a crew of technicians whose job is to install and repair traffic signs. Thanks to the continuous investment in new equipment and technologies, Wharton Hardware and Supply has become renowned for quality products, excellent service, and innovative production.


Fastenal is a manufacturer and distributor of commercial and industrial signs, including highway traffic signs and forklift traffic signs.

Its products are made from aluminum, paper, self-stick polyester, and plastic in a custom process that ensures reliability.

The company’s products cover all signage areas and are meant for highways, construction zones, and residential areas. Fastenal also produces and repairs digital traffic signs.

Broner Glove & Safety Company

When it started, Broner Glove & Safety Company was a manufacturer of industrial warning signs.

The company recently moved into the traffic signs manufacturing industry and already boasts an impressive product range, including traffic signs and signaling systems, parking displays, and construction warning signs.

Broner Glove & Safety Company is based in Auburn, Michigan, and claims to manufacture high-quality products that can withstand the elements and continuous use.

It also claims to distribute high-strength thermoplastic signs for highways, industrial plants, and construction/mining sites.

Hassel Material Handling Co.

Hassel is a distributor of traffic and parking signs. Its product portfolio includes barrier fencing, posts, traffic blinkers, cones and delineators, and stencils.

In recent years, the company has upped the manufacture of solar energy-reliant traffic signs and claims to use quality eco-friendly materials that have passed third-party durability tests.

It also claims to be a pioneer in the manufacture of LED traffic signs, besides offering global deliveries for its products.

Traffic Safety Store

Traffic Safety Store distributes parking lot, roll up, radar speed, and walk on floor signs besides conventional traffic signs.

The Illinois-based company boasts over ten years of experience in the traffic lights manufacturing industry, making it a market leader.

During this period, the company has supplied traffic signs to tens of government agencies, local authorities, and individual businesses.

Traffic Safety Store touts its ability to manufacture custom-made traffic signs and reflective tapes for construction zones, accident scenes, and street poles. It also distributes solar-powered traffic signs.


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