The Benefits of Solar Panels You Didn’t Know but Should


On average, there are 216 sunny days in South Carolina, making it an ideal location for residents to go solar. However, a lot of sunshine isn’t the only reason you should go solar.

There are many benefits of going solar that you may not have even considered. Keep reading to learn the benefits of solar panels and why you should go solar today.

You Can Eliminate Your Energy Bills

If not completely eliminate them, you can help drastically lower them. With the number of sunny days we get in South Carolina, you can harness more energy than you consume, reducing the need for you to draw from the energy grid.

Even on cloudy or overcast days, you can still generate about as much as 20 percent of the power compared to sunny days.

Tax Benefits of Solar Panels

The tax benefits of solar panels alone should be enough to convince you to buy them. In most areas, you get around 30 percent of the cost of installation back as a federal income tax credit when filing taxes. For easy math, if you spent $30,000 on your system, you will get $10,000 back during tax season.

This, plus the other state and local rebates, you can expect the installation cost to be cut in half.

Day One Savings

Open your energy bills for the last year and add them up. They’re likely in the thousands. Solar panels reduce these costs the moment they’re installed.

You don’t have to wait weeks or months to generate energy; as soon as they’re installed, you’re saving.

Solar Is the Most Abundant Energy Source on Earth

There is nothing on earth that’s more efficient and effective at creating power than our very own sun. It will always be able to produce more energy than we can possibly consume.

Help the Environment

Solar companies help all of us live a better life. This clean, limitless energy not only saves you money, but it saves our planet. We already know how damaging fossil fuels are to the planet, and it’s time for residents and corporations to take action.

Going solar also creates new sustainable job opportunities. We know the world is always going to need power, and by going solar, we create a large industry that focuses on making the world a better place.

It’s Been Around for a Long Time

Another benefit of going solar is that it’s not a new technology. It’s been proven to work and has been used by the space industry since 1960.

The Vanguard 1 is the oldest manmade satellite in orbit and has traveled more than six billion miles. If you guessed that it was powered by solar cells, you’re right!

Now You Know the Benefits of Solar Panels

Now that you know the many benefits of solar panels, it’s time for you to go solar today! Remember, solar panels are a great way to reduce your energy bills and help the environment.

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