Know Which Appliances Can You Run on 1kva Inverter


An inverter is an electrical device that can transform DC voltage stored in the battery to AC voltage during a power outage. The inverter can be constructed as standalone equipment for applications, or it can work as a power backup supply from batteries which are separately charged. A 1kva inverter is sufficient to power devices like coffee makers, printers, laptops and computers, Xbox consoles, vacuums, toasters, and hair dryers.

A 1kva inverter is considered an ideal source for generating power for equipment like household items, computers and power tools. The inverter can be called as the brain of the power backup system; this is because an inverter is capable enough to manage its operations along with other functions and protection features.

Before you shop for a 1kva inverter, it is important to know the power your electrical appliances can draw. This data can be found on the manufacturer’s nameplate, and it is expressed in amperes or watts. To know which appliances can easily run on a 1kva inverter, these are the parameters you need to consider:

Inverter Ratings

The manufacturer’s label on inverters gives inverter capacity values- the continuous wattage is the AC power output, and the peak surge wattage is the AC power that the inverter can supply to the load. Check the watt ratings of the appliances to be connected to the inverter. If the watt rating of the load exceeds what an inverter can supply, the device will be overloaded.

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity determines the time that you want to run your inverter whenever there is a power outage. Batteries with capacities from 80Ah to 120 Ah are called lower capacity, 120 AH to 160 Ah are called mid capacity, and above 160 Ah up to 220 Ah are called high capacity batteries. To determine your battery requirement, convert the Wattage * no of hours of back up/ Voltage of battery(12V) * 0.8.

Refer to the load calculator on the luminous website to know the approximate watt ratings of the devices and the capacity of battery required for a particular back up time.

Let’s have a look at appliances that can run on a 1kva inverter:

  • Laptops: 65-100 watts
  • Satellite Tv box: 50 watts
  • Printer- 100-200 watts
  • Radio- 40 watts
  • Computer Monitor- 100 watts
  • Desktop Monitor- 100 watts
  • Television 42″ HD- 120 watts
  • Room cooler – 250 watts
  • Refrigerator – 300-500 watts depending on capacity
  • Music system – 300 watts
  • 5 HP water pump – 400 watts

Now that you understand the benefits of equipping your home with a 1 Kva inverter, you can check out brands like Luminous since they are the market leaders in this category. They use low antimony allows providing efficient performance. Not only they are very low maintenance, but the robust tubular plates of the inverter battery for this system also provides many years of excellent service. They accept deep discharge; in short, they offer overcharge tolerance suitable for long power cut areas. Other than this, Luminous also provides an array of high-performance inverters—from connected inverters to high capacity inverters. While going through the extensive list of available inverter ratings and types, you can feel confused. It is the reason why you must first understand your power requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Check out their range online and get your power backup system in place. Now, your every day can be a hassle-free, and all your work can go uninterrupted with a 1 KVA inverter.


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