AMRI Hospitals ties up with Calcutta Club to offer advanced healthcare services to its members


The healthcare system in Kolkata has truly improved over the last few years. Although there are still problems in the system when it comes to providing optimum services, the sector has witnessed a significant change with private healthcare centers taking giant strides in the state.

Rapid advancements in medical technology have proved to be a game-changer. With a number of new facilities available, it is important to take these services to the people. In order to do that, AMRI Hospitals has tied up with Calcutta Club, one of the most elite social clubs of Kolkata. The main aim of this tie up is to launch a special health privilege card for the city institution to provide all healthcare facilities to the club’s members.

Established in 1907, Calcutta Club is a social club located on Lower Circular Road in Kolkata, India. The club is a popular social hub. The members of this club will receive the privilege card, which offers a number of special offers to them. It not only lets members avail the facilities, but also provide discounts on bed charges and OPD investigations. It also offers priority admission and free hospital pick up in case of emergencies.

The rate of discount is 15 per cent for the bed charges, while as, for OPD investigations, the discount is 20 per cent. The card is not only valid for the member, but for the parents and family members as well. The benefits of this privilege card are valid across AMRI Hospitals in Kolkata as well as Bhubaneswar.

The healthcare services have transformed. But, the advantages of this transformation can only be derived if they are used for the benefit of the people, says a medical practitioner at AMRI Hospital.

There are many examples of recent transformation that has benefited a number of patients, the introduction of O-ARM machine by AMRI Hospital in Kolkata being one of them. The system guides a surgeon through the process of placing an implant or a screw without causing any damage to the blood vessels during complex neeuro and Spine surgeries.

There is no doubt about the improvement of healthcare services in Kolkata. With initiatives like these, AMRI Hospitals have taken the onus to make them available throughout the state.


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