Advantages of using Aluminium Foam in Making Cars


The term Foam might disguise you as something fragile, but if used in the right manner it can be used in making cars. Foam is both lightweight and durable. Also, it has a great surface area to volume ratio. Unlike metals, Foams cover a much greater area where we deal with the same weight for both products.

Foam inherits several properties of metal within itself such as resistance from corrosion and heat, thermal conductivity, strength, resilience and most importantly electrical conductivity. All this is presented in a much lighter weight pack. Foams are used in a variety of manner such as Substrates in Catalytic converters and generally as heat exchangers.

What are the properties of Aluminium foam?

Aluminum Foam has inherited several properties of metal which we discussed in the last paragraph. Following is a brief explanation of its properties:

  • Conductivity: Aluminium foam offers conductivity for two of the most important aspects that are a must for making cars and for the Automobile industry in general. It is perfectly conducive for both thermal and electrical uses and offers transfer of these energies with minimal loss.
  • Soundproofing: In modern cars, soundproofing is a must and Aluminium foam offers a perfect solution for this need.
  • Heat resistance: As we mentioned earlier, the Aluminium foam is a great material for things which require the need for heat resistance.

What are the benefits that Aluminium foam offers in making cars?

Aluminium foam brings a bundle of benefits with itself when it comes to using it for making cars. From reducing the overall weight to cutting the cost of the production, there are a number of benefits. Some of the major benefits are as follows:

  • Low weight: Weight is one of the major concerns that an automobile designer has to take care of. So, with Aluminium foam in the picture this issue does not affect to the making of a car anymore.
  • Sound Absorption: As per the modern trend, most of the elite, as well as commuter cars, are launching with the aspect of sound absorption. SAF Aluminum has this aspect covered quite well and blocks all the outdoor noise. Also, it is quite great in suppressing the sound of the engine and other components of the car.
  • Telescopic application: Aluminium foam has a great benefit which is its telescopic application in making cars. Telescopic designs are hard to create with metals as they are hard to shape, but, when it comes to aluminium foam, this process becomes quite easy and car companies easily make front and rear support bumpers with it.
  • Cheaper alternative: It is not a surprise that Metals cost quite a major part of the overall budget of car production. This is where Aluminium foam comes in and reduces the cost of producing a car by a great deal. It almost cuts the cost of designing a car by half and that too without losing any essential quality.

So, these were some of the advantages that Aluminium foam offers in making cars. Cymat Technologies offer the best aluminium foam services. It is a great material for almost all the automobile needs and serves as a perfect alternative for design and frame of cars and trucks.


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