How Are Accidental Injuries Impacting Our Personal Lives?


Accidents that result in a significant personal injury happen every day. For many people they can alter the way they live their lives – leaving them to endure constant physical pain and dealing with significant mental trauma and distress.

Personal injury can ruin other aspects of our lives to. It can place immense strain on our intimate relationships, add stress to our family lives and stop us from working in jobs we love.

No win no fee claims specialists, National Accident Helpline, set about finding out how injuries from accidents are affecting our personal lives.

In a recent study of 1,000 people who were injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault, National Accident Helpline found some interesting statistics.

Nearly three quarters of participants in the study (72%) said that they had suffered with a debilitating mental health issue following their accident. A third stated that stress was their biggest mental health concern. While one in five struggled to get enough sleep – which could inhibit their recovery – and a further third had crippling anxiety related to their accident.

Relationships also suffer when one partner is subjected to a harrowing injury. 38% of study participants confirmed that their accident had put significant strain on their relationship. More than half of parents questioned stated that they had a difficult time caring for their children as well.

Careers and working lives were also badly affected, according to the National Accident Helpline study. Of those surveyed, 47% said their accident has a damaging impact on their work. Most common, people were stressed about returning to work or anxious about loss of earnings while they recovered.

Taking care of your mental wellbeing is vital while recovering from an injury. Stress, anxiety and lack of sleep can have a damaging effect on how quickly we recover. Taking care of ourselves should be our top priority after an accident. Asking for help is the first step.

Therapy is a great way to help you on the road to recovery. Understanding your emotions around your accident and how its impacts are affecting your mental state is important.

Talking with your loved ones and close family is essential too. Being open, honest and communicative with your spouse and partner is a good way to reduce feelings of stress or unease between you. Your injury has probably deeply affected them too, so make space to listen to them too and build support for each other.

Recovery can be long with a personal injury, so make sure that you’re taking care of yourself properly and get the help and support you need.


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