9 Good Foods To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat Effectively


If you are seeking for power foods to shed some pounds, you probably know some of the following. Best foods for limiting weight gain can power up your efforts and offer you a bit changes. The article below will help you work out 9 good foods to lose stubborn belly fat effectively. You can try to stick your diets with these foods that help you keep an eye on hunger hormones to possess a flat belly and generate more energy.

Regular diets combining with physical exercises are increasingly playing such a critical role in your comprehensive strategy of losing weight as well as belly fat. However, your diets should be paid carefully consideration even if you get lots of belly fat to burn or only a small amount of it to lose.  In fact, under some researches, there are several nutritious foods that should be taken into account to make a little modification. Although belly fat is stubborn and some of the substances are hard to be eliminated, these following foods can be added to your daily diets in order to create a wonderful change which is,later, worth your effort.

1]  Nuts

Nuts belong to legumes which become an excellent source of mood – boosting magnesium. Once consuming a huge amount of nuts, they could help people who mostly suffered from sleep disorders with peaceful dream overnight, as a 2010 study in Magnesium Research suggested. Additionally, a person who takes in magnesium can lead to sleep better and thereby avoiding unhealthy late night eating as much as possible.

2] Oats

Due to being rich in fiber, oat products can help effectively keep your stomach feel full for longer, ruining your appetite and then cutting back on the amount of calories intake. In addition, oats are loaded with a very high in minerals and B Vitamins. A study printed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has reported with 3 additional grams from cinnamon over cereal for extra effect, oats lead to less produced insulin after eating because insulin is known as a hormone which can convert excess sugar to fat and thereby reducing insulin levels as well as losing weight at the same time.

3] Green tea

Scientists believe that green tea is considered as one of fastest and easiest ways of spoiling belly fat. This kind of tea targets weight loss in spite of the fact that the mechanisms of green tea is unclearly interpreted. Nevertheless, people still place the belief that the rate at which fat is resolved in the body is increased thanks to green tea and it also helps enhance insulin sensitivity resulting in lowering the chance of cravings for carbohydrates and sugar intake as well as reducing the risk of diabetes exposure.

4] Fish

Diets with deficiency of omega – 3s, a commonly value nutrient in fish, can pose a threat to your pineal gland, a gland in the brain which acts as guiding the nervous system. If the pineal gland is affected negatively, it can lead to changes in the formation of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Hence, people who possess with the lack of omega-3 find it hard to sleep throughout their periods of regular rest and then result in doing such things as unhealthy late night eating.
Fish is known as being high in protein that has been pointed out to satiate your craving. You can burn even more calories digested protein in case of consuming crabs and fats. As a bonus, taking in omega-3s enables to completely enhance your overall heart health, avoid heat stroke and reduce the danger of dementia.


As we all know, yoghurt, especially nature yoghurt is completely packed with rich protein and serves perfectly asa powerful snack by adding a fruit, little honey or granola. Yoghurt is known as possessing lactobacillus bacteria that are good to boost nutrient absorption and intestinal function as well as eliminate bloating. Besides reducing bloating, yogurt helps ruin belly fat in a natural way. A study conducted by the University of Tennessee stated that people who used yogurt as a part of their calorie balanced diet fostered their weight gain and lost fat as well as banished muscle mass. Dieters are highly recommended to consume at least three servings of anti-fat or low fat dairy food supplements per day.

6] Blueberries

Storing the value belly-fat burner, anthocyanins, blueberries are one of the world’s power foods to aid in flatting your fat tummy.  In a study carried out by University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, researchers did the experiments on rats on both high-fat and low-fat diets storing low calories with only 2 % of it from blueberry powder within 90 days. Even though the fat loss was extremely greater in rats with low-fat diet,they continuously lost abdominal fat. Anthocyanins – phytonutrients in blueberries can influence genes that aim at regulating fat metabolism. The researchers also strongly suggest that a glass of blueberries daily can exert a significant effect on people as well.

7] Avocado

If you are an avocado lover, then you should not ignore this amazing health benefit of this fruit. Avocado is magic thanks to its package of various essential nutrients. Because of being a rich source of fibre, it can keep your belly fat at bay and the occurrence of monounsaturated fatty acids play an important role in helping you burring your stubborn belly fat.

8] Cucumber

Cucumber is a very refreshing as well as low-calorie food. What makes cucumber become one of the safest and most natural tips to get rid of belly fat is its container of water content which occupies about 96 percent. It is water content that makes cucumber a cooling food. A cucumber is loaded with only 45 calories, which turn it into a stomach food.

9] Green Leafy Vegetable

It would be a mistake if some green leafy vegetables were not mentioned in the top list of fast-burning food. If you want to possess instantly a flat tummy, do not forget to fill your daily diets with green leafy vegetables. A research has shown that some certain types of these foods are full of fibre, greatly low in calories and provide you with essential vitamins as well as minerals which assist in easing water retention triggering tummy discomfort and bloating.


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