5 Ways: How to Clean and Maintain Non-Stick Cookware


Non-stick cookware has been a part of our homes since we were little. Most of us have grown up watching our moms flip out their non-stick tawas and pans for all our meals. It was a revolution back in the late 90s to have nonstick cookware and it was something that all households swore by. As time went on, this type of cookware became something that every household had to have and something our hands went to automatically when looking to cook anything.

But, as with any other kind of cookware, nonstick pots and pans are also supposed to be taken care of very minutely. This is majorly because of the fact that once such cookware is scratched, the oil which is used to lubricate cooking will be soaked into the food instead of the cookware. So, if you’re looking to buy cookware online, we believe it is essential you understand the process for its care and maintenance as well.

There are a number of steps and tips one should keep in mind to ensure that our nonstick cookware stays as good as new even with repeated use. These are simple little rules which not only keep your cookware better but cook smarter.

Let’s take a look at what these are:

Oils/Sprays- While revolutionary products such as non-stick sprays have come up in the recent past and they are incredibly helpful to grease the pan for cooking methods such as flambé, you should avoid using such sprays. This is majorly because of the fact that sometimes such oil sprays don’t cook off properly and leave stubborn residue in corners.

This makes it much harder for one to clean their cookware.


Cooking methods- Another tip to remember while cooking with nonstick cookware is the fact that we shouldn’t wait for too long before pouring the oil. Pouring the oil in the pan while it is still cold helps one spread this lubricant even more properly. When the pan is hot and we pour in the oil too late, the pan does not soak in any of it and instead it is completely absorbed by the food.

Cooking-MethodsThis means that the whole point of nonstick cookware is lost and cooking is made a lot more inconvenient.

Utensils- Well, if you’re planning to buy nonstick cookware online, also invest in a pair of plastic or wood ladles, spoons, spatulas etc. This ensures that there are no scratches which steel or other metal utensils would have left on the surface of the cookware.

UtensilsDoing this guarantees longer life for your pans etc.

Cleaning- Always use a solution of part baking soda and water to gently clean the pan. Use a non-metallic scrub or sponge to slowly scrub off any excess oil or residue. Rinse and dry afterwards.


Avoid dishwashers- As far as your stylish nonstick cookware is concerned, avoid using dishwashers to clean them in order to ensure that there is no damage. Avoid high heat and concentrated detergents.

Follow these tips for your existing cookware! If you’re looking to buy cookware online, try retailers such as Arttdinox.

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