5 Important Benefits Offered by An Elliptical Cross Trainer


Elliptical cross trainer is a very useful exercise equipment which is also referred to as a cross-trainer, X-trainer, or simply elliptical. This heath equipment finds its place mostly in the cardio section of the modern gyms. This exercising machine consists of two long handles and a pair of foot pedals. It is designed to provide the movement benefits to the muscles that one gains from activities such as walking, jogging, running, or hill climbing. The multiple benefits offered by this machine make it an ideal exercise equipment for homes.

We have listed below five important benefits offered by an elliptical cross trainer:

Deliver measurable results in reducing weight

A cross trainer is really effective in burning fat and calories. It engages a larger group of muscles in comparison to any other home exercise equipment. However, the fat or calorie burn is also dependent upon your age, gender and fitness. Nevertheless, a cross-trainer is capable of delivering measurable results in reducing weight; it is the most effective weight reducing equipment available.

Provides exercising benefits without hurting you

Many exercise equipment later on lead to hurting muscles and joints, but this is not the case with elliptical. Moreover, those already having joint, back or hip pain, can comfortably exercise on a cross-trainer as it is very kind on your joints and muscles; this is not the case with most other exercising machines, including treadmill.

Whole-body exercising solution

A cross-trainer at home means there is no need for multiple exercise equipment. Cross-trainer offers a whole-body exercising solution to you as it is a versatile exercising equipment rather than a stand-alone equipment. A clever combination of moving handles and paddles not only provide you with a whole-body workout, but also save precious time and energy spent on multiple exercise machines, and of course it saves money.

Convenient to use and prevent injury

If you are new to exercising and using multiple machines, it might feel overwhelming. Several exercise equipment such as treadmill, steppers, and dumbbells are associated with maximum number of injuries during exercise. This is not the case with a cross-trainer; it’s easy to use and has an intuitive design to which you can adjust yourself within a matter of few minutes. The injury rate on this equipment whether in gym or at home is the minimum; and that too because of the user’s carelessness.

It can be accommodated in a small space

The space-efficient design of an elliptical cross trainer helps you in accommodating it in a small space at home. Space requirement is a crucial factor to consider for most of the people who want to purchase exercise equipment for home. Elliptical scores high at this front as well because it can be adjusted in a small corner in your home. Some models can even be placed under your desk or bed.

The above benefits of elliptical cross trainer not only make it ideal exercise equipment, but also the best exercise machine for homes. This is the reason that many top fitness brands in India and abroad are coming up with many versions of this wonderful exercise machine to impress customers.


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