4 Best Tips on Car Servicing


People who own cars know that is not very easy to maintain cars. Sometimes the effort required is high and sometimes you are just severely short of time to even wash your car.

Here is the List Of Effective Tips For Car Maintenance:-

#1. Tires: During the process of car servicing, the mechanic or the user should ensure that the tires pressure is checked and corrected according to the pressure specified by the manufacturer. Tire gauges are inexpensive and can be easily used by anyone. Tires should be immediately replaced when the tread starts showing signs of wear and tear. It is a good idea for the customer to talk to the local tire dealer if one is not sure in identifying the tread wear patterns. It is a good practice for the user to check the tires every day for pressure and every week for patterns of wear, tear or any kind of damage. The customer should look at replacing them if the tires show any kind of wear and tear. You must also undertake wheel alignment, wheel rotation, and wheel balancing regularly.

#2. Oil: Oil is considered to be the blood of the car. Hence, if proper oil is not used, the car engine parts will get worn out very fast. It will also severely affect the performance of the car. During the process of car servicing, it is a good practice for the customer to ask the mechanic about the quality of the oil in the engine to have an idea of the extent of the wear and tear inside the engine. Also, the customer can learn how the oil should be changed every 3000 or 3500 miles. While few oil manufacturers claim that the oil can easily last up to 10,000 miles, it is better to use the oil for 5,000 miles in order to be on the safe side and ensure the longevity of the engine and optimum performance. It is a good practice to regularly check the oil, at least one time in a month, and replace the oil when the car reaches the 4000 or 4500-mile limit.

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#3. Windows: It is important for the lights, mirrors, and windows to be very clean and not show any kind of dirt or smudges. Broken lights or mirrors should be replaced as early as possible. If there are small cracks in the windshield, the car should be taken to the nearby repair centre to determine if the windshield needs to be completely replaced. The customer should check all the glass items for damage or cracks before car servicing and point these small cracks to the mechanic. Quite often you may use unclean cloths to clean the windshield leading to oil layering or scratches. This is dangerous because when you ride after dark, the smudge on the glass as well as scratches hinders clear view of the oncoming traffic which may even cause accidents. Battery, Belts, And Brakes

  • The braking system of cars should be replaced periodically during car servicing. This is very important to improve the efficiency of the braking system and for the safety of the occupants.
  • If the belts are loose, there is a loud squealing sound that comes from the vehicle. So, during car servicing, checking for loose belts is very important during car servicing. Ensure adequate tension of the belts.
  • The battery should be checked once in a month. The battery should never be allowed to completely run down. Ensure adequate battery water level is maintained. One more thing to understand here is that automatic start stresses out the vehicle as well.

#4. Interior: During car servicing, it is very important to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the interior as required. Since the quality of the interior plays an important role in fetching a better price during selling, maintaining this properly is very Important. Furthermore, a clean interior prevents dust allergies and prevents bugs or insects from taking over.

Sometimes car maintenance can result in hefty bills and end up burning the pockets of the car owners. To avoid this, some owners go for self-maintenance methods.


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