August 2015

Autonomous Car Tech

Can Autonomous Car Tech Save Lives?

In the United States, one out of every four auto accidents is caused by drivers who are simply too distracted to pay attention to the road. This reality has been causing the number of deadly…

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What Transportation Laws Are Substantial

There is almost no country in the world that can run smoothly without the presence of traffic laws. Just like every bank, community, employment agency, business, street, park has a law, there exist traffic laws….

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How To Appoint Notary Public Service

While entering into business contracts and deals, a notary public can be beneficial. Taking chances and risking important business agreements is not a rational step, especially where legal documentation is binding. Signing legal documents often…

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Distinguishing A Fine Wine From Swill

Contrary to popular belief, a fine wine is nor expensive nor old. Of course, there are certain fine wines which are expensive and their price is a good indicator of their quality, but this sign…