What to Do If You Get Into an Accident in an Uber


In just the first quarter alone, some 18.7 million Uber trips were taken on a daily basis. The company now has drivers working in 900 cities and 93 countries around the globe. Some 5 million drivers handle the 103 million Uber monthly average users.

That’s a whole lot of drivers getting paid to take riders to their desired location. And by sheer statistics with that many rides happening, some of those rides will result in an Uber accident.

Are you wondering what happens when you are in an accident in an Uber? While Uber and other rideshare rides are easy and convenient, it’s never good when you end up in an accident.  Because your role as a passenger is different than if you were the driver, it’s important to know what to do in this type of rideshare accident.

Read on to learn more about what to do if you get in an Uber accident as a passenger in the vehicle.

What to Do After Any Car Accident

Any time there you’re involved in a car accident, whether you’re the driver or a passenger, there are few things you should do. First, evaluate all people involved to see if there are injuries.

If anyone is injured, seek medical attention right away. Many times, people involved in accidents want to shrug away medical attention. It’s always smart to get checked out following an accident.

Evaluate the scene and call the police. Some drivers will be reluctant, especially if the accident was minor, to call the police. Getting the police involved helps to establish fault and creates an official police report on the accident.

Make sure, if possible, to get the names and insurance information for all involved drivers. It may be helpful later to also have the names and contact information of any witnesses. Sometimes witnesses will take off before the police arrive, so it’s good to get their contact information if you’re able.

Also, snap some photos with your phone if it’s safe to do. These help to document the accident scene.

What Does Uber Advise You to Do?

As a passenger, you might be wondering what Uber asks their riders to do if there is an accident. Their directions are more simplistic.

First, they want drivers and riders to check the safety of any involved parties. They want someone at the scene to call 911 and identify if anyone might need medical attention.

Then following the accident, you should call Uber to report that the accident happened. One thing Uber doesn’t do it to identify what liability they will take following an accident.

Driving While Distracted

One of the associated risks for Uber drivers and their passengers is the actual Uber app. Drivers are required to have the app up and running while driving. The app only works on smartphones.

This means drivers are regularly taking their eyes off the road to look at the app. The app provides the route the driver should take to get you to your location and reroutes if necessary while the ride is in progress.

Following your accident, there will be questions related to whether the Uber driver was distracted because of the app. This will be especially true if the Uber driver is at fault.

Does Who Is at Fault Matter for the Passenger?

The short answer is that yes, the driver at fault does matter. As the passenger, especially if you’re injured, you need to be able to hold someone liable for your injuries.

You want your medical care and treatments to be covered by someone’s insurance company. Ultimately, the involved insurance companies and Uber will tussle it out over who’s responsible for your bills and compensation. Knowing who is at fault will play a big role in who pays.

Understanding the Insurance Coverage With Uber

Uber requires all of its drivers to carry auto insurance and keep it up to date. When Uber cars first hit the roads, the insurance coverage came just from the driver’s insurance.

More recently, Uber has added their own insurance coverage for drivers. The amount of coverage the driver has depends on their status while on the road.

When a driver goes out on the road and turns on the app to look for riders, they are covered by Uber with $50,000 in liability coverage. Once a driver accepts a ride request until when they drop off the rider at the destination, the liability insurance coverage increases $1,000,000. It’s important to note that amount of coverage is for the driver and their passengers.

Injuries as a Passenger on an Uber Ride

As a passenger involved in an Uber accident, you need to seek medical attention. Don’t assume you’re okay and then later find out you have a nagging injury as a result of the accident.

Seek medical care and get yourself checked out. You want any potential problems to be connected to the accident that has just happened.

Can Uber Deny a Claim From a Passenger?

Remember, Uber is going to protect themselves with their insurance company. When you file a claim to get compensation for injuries, ultimately that claim is going to Uber’s insurance company. Could they deny a claim? Yes, they are like any other insurer.

Insurance companies like to avoid paying out on claims and will often make it difficult for those making them. They will either deny or want the other insurance company to pay.

Why You Need an Uber Accident Lawyer to Help You

Even as a driver in an auto accident, you often need the help of an accident attorney to help you sort out coverage and compensation.

It gets even more complicated when you’re the passenger in an Uber vehicle. There are so many insurance companies involved and usually none of them are really your insurer.

It gets complicated to get your bills covered and get the compensation you deserve. It is really a necessary step to get a rideshare accident lawyer to help you through the process. The sooner you can get an experienced attorney fighting on your behalf the better.

Know What to Do When You Have an Accident in an Uber Vehicle

There is a whole list of reasons using Uber is handy and convenient for riders.  That is until you are in an accident in an Uber, then it can get quite complicated. You need to get an accident attorney who specializes in rideshare rides to look out for your interests following an accident.

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