Web Scraping as the New Weapon for New Business


You are a new business owner. Welcome to a new world of challenges and competition. You are facing reality now. The competition is more than you estimated.

You have fresh new challenges that are quite different than getting business ideas or launching your business. You have to manage finances, monitor performance and if you are going all about it single-handedly you are going to feel overwhelmed at some point.

That’s not predicting bad news but it is what new business goes through. It is the reason motivational speakers say ‘don’t give,’ ‘push on,’ ‘never give up’. But there is a tool that can make life easier for you. Call it web scraping.

You must have heard about it a few times. You could have heard about tools like Zenscrape, a tool that allows you to have some data for your new business. In this article, you will understand how web scraping works and how it is making a new world for new businesses, a world of less despair or failures.

Let’s start.

What Is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is also known as data extraction or web harvesting. It is the process of going over the pages of websites, either dynamic pages or not, to extract or get the data you need. This can be done manually (a difficult choice) but most people refer to the automated process which uses web crawlers or bots like Zenscrape when they are talking about data extraction.

Here, you can create a new world for your new business.

Why Web Scraping Is Possible Nowadays

It is the age and century of great digitization. Every business, company or investment has a new history on the web. It is the time when a new technological approach to doing things is arriving. Your old ways are still viable though but it means you are running slowly behind when others are flying a jet. It is the era when almost everyone has the power to use a computer.

Our time is favored or honored with amazing and easier ways of doing things compared to three decades behind.

This is a good thing. Many businesses are arriving. What wasn’t possible are now a reality? In the year 1800, who knows there would be a source of livelihood call ‘blogging’? It didn’t look like something worth giving a shot in 1990 even till the early 2000s. But here we are, in an age with amazing digitization and data all over the web.

That availability of data is your new weapon. You can get access to it using Zenscrape. But why is it a weapon, how can it help?

Web Scraping as A weapon

1. Developing Your Strategy

Nothing feels greater than coming to an interview well-prepared, oozing confidence like the smell of perfume.

As a new business, you need data to prepare your strategy for business. With web scraping, you can have access to your competitor’s data, their info such as pricing and strategy and use it to develop yours.

This is beneficial in many ways. It means you can get the data at the cost of web scraping services or using tools like Zenscrape. It also means you don’t have to seek permission before you have the data you need from your competitors. The data extraction process is efficient, thanks to tools like Zenscrape and it should power your business strategy.

2. Understanding Your Customer

This is one thing you have to find as soon as you can. Your customer behavior will guide you to make preparations for how to meet them at the point of their needs. Imagine having certain information like how your customers buy products, what they buy, the period they like to buy, the product they prefer, etc. Your success will depend on your preparation now, how you plan to meet the customer’s needs.

3. Brand Management

You have to be well represented on the web. You should know how your brand is being mentioned, what your customers are saying. With web scraping, you will know what your customers say, you will discover negative developments early and prepare to correct it. This is a good tool for your PR.

4. Risk Management and Compliance

The beauty of web crawlers is that you can use it to run background checks in an effort to know if you are managing risk properly. The process is automated which makes it even better.


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