Vaping while losing weight: the caloricity of vaping


The vast majority of smokers know that smoking is bad for their health. Despite this, many are in no hurry to give up their addiction. And not only because it is hard to quit smoking, but also because of the fear of gaining extra weight. According to the State Health Service, ex-smokers add an average of about 11 pounds (5 kilograms)in the first 12 months after they smoke their last cigarette. But there is good news! Extra pounds on your hips are unlikely to appear if you switch from smoking conventional cigarettes to electronic ones.

There is a considerable amount of migvapor’s vapor juice on the market with a wide variety of tastes, combinations, and hues, from standard tobacco to fruit, candy, sour, rich, berry, and many others. A reasonable question arises, how calories can vaping be?

Electronic cigarette fluid contains about 4-5 calories per milliliter, and when steaming, you actively absorb these calories through the lungs. Can it significantly affect your figure? Most likely no.

If you seriously watch your figure and count the number of calories you use per day, let’s draw an analogy – 1 ml of vaping fluid contains about as many calories as two or three grapes.

It turns out that in a jar of e-liquid for 120 ml (which lasts for a week of active soaring) about 600 calories. For comparison, 100 grams of dark chocolate has 546 calories.

Sugar level – It has been established that vaping does not have any effect on blood sugar levels, which means that it is safe for type 2 diabetics.

Moreover, vaping helps people with diabetes enjoy the tastes of the products from which they limit themselves.

According to a recent study by Vapourlites, ex-smokers who have switched to e-cigarettes hardly gain weight. Of the 500 vapers surveyed, only one fifth responded that after turning to soar, they had gained weight. At the same time, more than half claim that they did not notice any changes in their weight, and more than 20 percent stated that they were losing weight.

How does the transition to electronic cigarettes help to lose weight? To understand why the transition to e-cigarettes (as opposed to any other nicotine replacement therapy) helps to lose weight, let’s see how smoking affects your body. First, smoking acts as a suppressant and suppresses appetite. Secondly, during smoking, metabolism is accelerated, resulting in additional calories burned. And thirdly, the act of smoking itself is a kind of relaxation and contributes to reducing stress.

E-cigarette soaring includes all of the above factors. With the exception of nicotine-free e juice, electronic cigarettes also supply nicotine into the body (without thousands of other harmful substances found in regular cigarettes!), which is responsible for limiting appetite and increasing metabolic rate. As a result, the electronic cigarette reduces appetite, while not slowing down the rate of burning calories. And last but not least, with which most vapers unanimously agree, this is that smoking an electronic cigarette actually retains the possibility of the usual action – something to occupy hands and mouth.

Sitting on a diet is not the best idea for those who are trying to quit smoking. Of course, it’s great to try to eat right, eat healthier foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. But an attempt to go on a low-calorie diet by itself is stressful, and it will be tough for you to quit smoking. According to most experts, it is better to focus on quitting smoking, and a little later to address the issue of their weight. And steam will help you.

How vaping is able to rectify the situation, healthcare experts understood. They recruited a group of those, who quit smoking. Doctors observed the respondents, did analyzes, conducted physiological tests. Results with comments and explanations of scientists you can read in the latest issue of the publication “Nicotine & Tobacco Research”. The background to the beginning of the experiment was introductory information: over the last three years, sales of tobacco products in western countries have decreased. And in the same period, the number of patients with diabetes, cancer, obesity increased. Heart problems have become more frequent.

Research results and conclusions – Nicotine really promotes rapid metabolism and reduces appetite. Former smokers are trying to replace it with pills, use adhesives, are recorded on NRT therapy for nicotine replacement. But weight continues to grow because psychological dependence is stronger than physical. Research of electronic cigarette has proven them to be the most effective of all methods tested by scientists. Hover gave respondents a sense of the process of smoking and supplied the body with a familiar portion of nicotine.

Opening: it is easier to control the level of nicotine in vape juices. Plus, the smoker can independently try refueling with different degrees of strength and gradually reduces the concentration. In the process of lowering the dose of nicotine, the weight of the respondents remained at the initial level. They did not become thicker, contrary to expectations.

Switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, gradually reducing the nicotine dosage. And then go to the no-nicotine liquid and soar with them just for fun. Or even abandon all types of cigarettes and not get fatter. You can control the fortress by choosing vials with a smaller percentage of it or by making self-replacements. Researcher Linda Bauld says that with the NRT, former smokers do not have this possibility. They gain weight as they begin to fluctuate, returning to the highest nicotine content, and then back. “Swing” works like a diet, not carried through to the end. With each further decrease in strength, those extra pounds immediately appear, and the desired effect is more difficult to achieve.

Linda Bould noticed that there is another benefit from vaping. People, who use cheap vape juice less drawn to sweets and desserts. If they use baking flavors and famous delicacies, psychologically they perceive them as food. As a result, people find it easier to keep from high-calorie treats.

Conclusions: electronic cigarettes allow you to quit smoking without gaining weight. Along the way, other issues are being solved. The body copes with problems without damage to health, lifestyle and mood.


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