Tri Fuel vs Dual Fuel Generators – what should you buy?


Generators can take many different types of fuel to name just some there is petrol, natural gas, propane, diesel and solar power to choose from. Each type of fuel as its own advantages and disadvantages and many people will need to think hard about which type of fuel is going to be the best for their needs.

You don’t just need to think about the benefits of the fuel type you choose but also about how readily available the fuel will be to buy. Some types of fuel are going to be much more readily available than others. You also need to think about fuel storage as well, so yes the fuel type for your generator is very important.

But locking yourself into one single type of fuel is very restrictive isn’t it? Which is why dual and tri fuel generators are becoming increasingly popular. The names probably already make this all very clear but to make it clear these are generators that can take more than one type of fuel. The technology behind dual and tri fuel is being utilised in many different things including vehicles.  

Dual can take two different kinds while tri fuel generators can take three! These generators are more expensive than standard single fuel models and in some cases harder to find. But the extra flexibility and versatility they give you is often going to be worth the cost.

This is especially true for people who are going to be using their generators a lot. Portable generators that offer dual or tri fuel are going to be a wise investment for people who travel a lot. But which is better dual fuel or tri fuel? Let’s find out, shall we?

Dual vs Tri Fuel – Which is Best?

This might seem a little strange to ask after all a generator that can take three types of fuel is better than one that can take two right? Well maybe not, there is no denying that tri fuel generators are incredibly useful appliances but dual fuel might be the better of the two. You can read more about dual vs tri fuel here.

Tri fuel generators are relatively rare right now and will come with a higher price tag when compared to a dual fuel model. But it isn’t all about the price a tri fuel generator will be harder to use, being able to switch between three different types of fuel is a useful perk but learning how to safely switch and use each type of fuel could be a little complicated.

That’s not to say learning how to safely use a dual fuel generator will be easy but it will be easier than learning to safely use a tri fuel generator. There is also the argument to be made that three types of fuel might just simply be too much for some people.

Are you really going to need to use three different fuel types? I think that having two types of potential fuel will be enough for most people. So, in my opinion, out of the two dual fuel is the best of the two for most people. People should buy best inverter generator to save energy. 


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