The Top 10 Reasons You Should Use CBD Oil


With so much hype about CBD oil, there can be plenty of confusion about what it actually is, what it does, and why you should even use it to begin with. As with any “natural” remedy, CBD has been the subject of embellishment from users and CBD brands alike, as well as criticism from opponents of the stuff. So, what’s the truth?

The truth is that CBD comes from hemp, which isn’t the same as marijuana, and won’t get you high. It’s safe, natural, and its usage is even backed by science. Let’s dive deeper into why you should use CBD oil with these top ten reasons.

1CBD is Safe and Natural

CBD is a naturally-occurring chemical compound from Cannabis. To be clear, Cannabis is the parent plant of both hemp and marijuana, though each of these subspecies has a different concentration of CBD and THC (which causes marijuana’s classic “high”).

CBD doesn’t cause impairment and is safe for everyday use in adults, children, and seniors. In fact, baby boomers account for a large percentage of CBD oil sales in the US.

2Few To No Side-Effects

One of the best things about CBD oil is that it produces few to no side-effects. Can you say the same about your medications? Whether you’re using it for pain, inflammation, or just better sleep, you won’t have to worry about things like liver damage or other organ failure from daily use. Millions of people use CBD on a daily basis and experience only minor side-effects like dry mouth and nausea.

That being said, you should still ask your doctor about introducing CBD into your health regimen so he or she can help you monitor your body’s response to it.

3Cannabis Is An Incredible Species

Scientific research into the uses of Cannabis has produced some amazing results. Hemp alone has hundreds of uses besides providing CBD oil. Hemp is a great plant for the environment and the economy, boosting sales and keeping the soil clean.

Hemp can also be used to make paper, biofuel, and even fabrics.

It’s actually one of the strongest and most versatile natural fibers in the world! It’s unfortunate that it’s been outlawed for so long, but we can be grateful that the world caught up with the times and legalized it. Now, we just have to learn everything hemp can do for mankind and keep producing high-quality CBD products to enhance our economy.

4Hemp Is Now Officially Legal

Did I mention hemp is legal now? That’s right, it’s been outlawed since 1970 and lumped together with the likes of marijuana, cocaine, and heroin; despite producing no impairment or a high of any sort. With the passing of new legislation in 2018, hemp is now officially (finally) legalized in all 50 states and on a federal level.

5It Can Manage Pain and Inflammation

CBD has natural painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties, making it perfect for both chronic conditions and localized pain/inflammation from injuries or even working out. Many athletes use CBD oil to minimize the post-workout pain that accompanies inflamed muscles, making for easier recovery and better follow-up workouts.

You don’t have to be an athlete to use it, however. Even migraines, injuries, and simple aches can be addressed with CBD oil.

6For Anxiety

While research is still uncovering the extent of CBD’s effects on anxiety and anxiety-related disorders, some preliminary studies show a positive effect on conditions like PTSD, GAD, and even depression from consistent CBD use.

Mental health is something we don’t take seriously enough as a society, and the medications available for treating such conditions often have dangerous side-effects. Here’s to CBD for anxiety; let’s hope the research can uncover more of its benefits.

7For Better Sleep

Insomniacs everywhere can benefit from a dose of CBD before bed. If you’re always tossing and turning, taking CBD oil under the tongue, in your tea, or even applying it to your skin can help calm your mind and improve your sleep quality.

8For Better Focus at Home and Work

When your anxiety is reduced and you’re sleeping better, you’ll notice some pretty immediate effects on your daily routine. For starters, you’ll be able to concentrate better at work and at home. CBD seems to help with memory as well, providing some clarity to a brain afflicted with brain fog. 

We all get it; whether it’s from stress or a mental health condition, and it can be quite distracting and derailing. Using CBD regularly can help alleviate brain fog, improve focus, and even improve memory. Those are pretty compelling reasons by themselves to give CBD oils a try!

9Reduce Cravings/Help With Addiction

If you’re having trouble kicking an addiction or bad habit like smoking, CBD might be able to help. CBD seems to help block certain receptors in the brain that are responsible for addiction, making the recovery process that much easier. Some people have successfully used CBD to quit smoking cigarettes and stay smoke-free.

There is research currently being performed on just how effective CBD is at treating addiction. The hope is that a more natural compound will be more effective than medications, and when combined with treatment options like therapy, will produce great results. We’re crossing our fingers on this one, especially as the opioid epidemic continues to worsen in the US.

10Science Supports Its Use

Most of the “natural remedies” you’ll come across don’t have any scientific evidence to back up the extraordinary claims of healing. CBD oil, however, has a growing body of scientific studies to support daily use.

As the market continues to grow and expand, so too do the opportunities for more research on CBD and CBD oils. We already know it’s safe and can help with pain, inflammation, and even anxiety. We’re definitely excited to see what more our researchers can uncover as time goes on.


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