5 Tips to File a Slip and Fall Claim Against Walmart


In the United States, one of the biggest retailers is Walmart. Millions of people shop there on both a daily and weekly basis. Sometimes they can be careless, jostling around while shopping and accidentally bumping into someone else in line or at the cash register. These slips often cause people to fall and are often followed by comments from other customers who seem to have no empathy for those who have fallen. In some cases, these types of complaints result in lawsuits.

The following is a simple 5-step process for filing a claim against Walmart.

Step 1: Talk to witnesses.

If you did fall inside Walmart and hurt yourself in some way, make sure you talk to people who were around you when it happened. They may have noticed something that could help your case. They may be able to give details about the person who bumped into you or if they even took any action to avoid hitting someone. These details you will want down on paper so they can be referenced later on. It’s also a good idea to speak with a Walmart employee right after it happens so that they can take down your information before dealing with other customers.

Step 2: Take photos of the accident scene

Taking photos will help illustrate the extent of the injury to your body and any damage to your property in Walmart that you may have sustained. It may be helpful to take photos of any injuries you sustained and any damage to your clothing. It could all be used later to prove that you have suffered an injury and are asking for compensation for your pain and suffering.

Step 3: Look for CCTV recording

CCTV recording is becoming increasingly popular at many locations, especially at Walmart. Look for any recording and make sure this is secured into evidence. You could use it to prove what happened and possibly show who was at fault for your fall. If you cannot find it, take photos of where you fell and where the CCTV camera should be located, with an arrow pointing to the camera so that it can be located appropriately later on.

Step 4: Talk to the supervisor or manager.

It is an excellent time to get all of your information confirmed with the manager. It will show that Walmart wants to do everything it can to ensure there are no further problems. They are likely very concerned that you fell and wanted to ensure one handled everything correctly so you wouldn’t have to deal with any issues in the future.

Step 5: Consult a personal injury lawyer

It is where it gets a little tricky. Walmart probably has policies in place that state how one will handle lawsuits. You will want to talk to your injury lawyer before making any demands on Walmart. They will be able to provide guidance, and if they are correctly representing the company, they may even be able to help save money for all of you as well as work out a way where Walmart can compensate you for any future medical expenses and lost wages as possible.

Suing Walmart for slip and fall injury can be a daunting process and requires a complete understanding of the claim’s information. Hopefully, this article provided you with the correct information and a sound basis for filing your legal claim against Walmart for a slip and fall accident.


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