Tips for Embracing to Safeguard the Bitcoins


The bitcoins are insecure as you can access the wallets by connecting to the internet. When it is connected, it is prone to security threats. Data security is given high priority today, and many attacks are happening globally. Even hackers are compromising the network and demanding ransom. There is a dire need for securing the data of customers. One of the best ways to enjoy safety and security is by using the blockchain technology. One can use cryptocurrencies to carry out the transactions. Security is the priority for blockchain technology. The bitcoin wallets in which the bitcoins are stored are prone to security attacks by hackers eyeing on you. The blockchain will use the distributed ledger and network through which a chain is created.

Here are a few tips you can embrace to safeguard the bitcoin and stay away from hackers:

Store only a small amount of bitcoins in the wallet

When you are using the physical wallet, you will not store a vast amount of money. By seeing the weight of the purse, the thieves can quickly identify that you have a lot of money, and you are their target. You should keep a little amount of money in the physical wallet. You can also protect the bitcoins stored in the portfolio by holding a small amount in it rather than storing all the bitcoins in the wallet. If there are a lot of bitcoins, you can use multiple wallets and store small amounts in each portfolio. Even if the hacker hacks the wallet, you lose only a tiny amount. Visit to know more about the secure bitcoin trading

Use two-factor authorization

The bitcoin wallet user can protect the bitcoins stored in the wallet using two-factor authentication. It is best to use the two-factor authentication than using the username and password to open the wallet. Even when your wallet falls in the hands of foes, they would not be able to access the bitcoins in the wallet without the passcode sent to your email address or mobile. The two-factor authentication can be done with the help of the Google Authenticator app, which would generate six digits. You can also go for the biometric and eye contact option.

Be careful of phishing.

The phishing emails are sent by hackers to steal the data of customers. Whenever you are accessing the URL that is embedded in the email, it is best to take a close watch on the URL thoroughly. Ensure that there is no change in the domain name. The bitcoin wallet users must not access the websites by clicking on the Google ads. It can be a trap laid by the hacker to steal the data by making you land on the site developed by them.

Back up the bitcoin wallet

It is a good ideal for you to backup the bitcoin wallet and stores it in a safe location. Even when there is a failure in the system, you can have access to the bitcoins. It is a secure and most comfortable way to recover the bitcoins even when the mobile or computer is stolen. Ensure to keep the wallet encrypted. It is critical for you to backup the bitcoin wallet only in multiple safe locations instead of backing up in one place. You can also store the private key in the CD or USB. These are not at all a bad idea to back up the bitcoin wallet. When you are backing up the bitcoin wallet data, ensure to do the backup regularly so that you can have access to all the bitcoin addresses using with you have carried out the transactions.

Keep the bitcoin software up-to-date.

It is always recommended to use the latest version of the bitcoin software. Even when there are any bugs in the previous version, the latest version would have them fixed. The newest version of the software would protect the wallet from getting prone to hackers. It also ensures the safety and security of the coins that you have stored in the portfolio. If you have downloaded the bitcoin software on the desktop, you need to update it to keep the wallet safe and secure.

Cold storage

You can keep the wallet away from the hackers’ evil eye by storing the offline, i.e., using the cold storage wallet. You can keep the private keys offline. Only transfer the money you want to spend into the hot wallet for the day.


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