Tips on How Everyone can Contribute Towards a Greener Earth


Our activities today will have a direct impact on the lives that will be led by future generations. What we do today is essential for the sustainability of the ecosystem. Hence, we must strive for a greener and more sanitary environment. Each one of us could have an impact on our immediate surroundings. This is possible by recycling and reusing already available resources. We can do our bit by following the procedure and ensuring that we are effectively contributing to the process. Here are a few tips for the next time that you’re out taking out your junk:

1Not Everything can be Recycled

As much as it would be ideal, not all materials can be given for recycling. Avoid loose plastic polythene bags that you may use daily. Even plastic recyclables are a strict no-no.

The following items can be put for recycling:

  1. Unused and loose paper can be reclaimed and reused. Look for books and paper from your school and college days, etc. Make them useful. You can also donate books.
  2. Used plastic bottles are a good source. Not only can you get rid of all the old bottles, but you can also avoid plastic litter.
  3. Love soda and soft drinks but do not know what to do about the cans? Recycle them. Thousands of soda cans are consumed every day and if they were all recycled, we would be able to make a significant difference in the collection and separation of garbage and waste.
  4. Individuals who run businesses involving goods will have plenty of cardboard boxes and loose cardboard lying around. Segregate these and give them back for recycling. Anyone can do their contribution by repurposing the additional boxes in their house and putting them to better use.

2Separate materials for your Local Trash Company

Items that can be recycled must be distributed while taking out your trash. The process of trash removal begins with categorizing junk and garbage. Food and liquids must be separated from the recyclable products. This will prevent them from being recycled.

3Buy a Recycling or Bin or Rent a Dumpster

For those who are cash-strapped, renting dumpsters is an affordable idea. It even pays out in the long run. All the junk that you do not require after giving to recycling facilities can go into the dumpster. If there is garbage left at the end of donation drives that is not of any use to you, you could simply leave it in your dumpster. Individuals taking out the junk by themselves will benefit heavily with a dumpster as they won’t have to drive around with boxes and cartons. A dumpster can store more and can be used in multiple ways.

4Encourage, Inform and Educate

If every action has an equal and opposite reaction, an act of goodness will be multiplied into many. Encourage your family, friends, and co-workers to recycle unused plastic and metal. Creating awareness amongst your immediate circles can go a long way. Follow economists and climate change activists who have all the required data and research. Warning bells do not always have to be loud, but continuous. There are plenty of documentaries that talk about the consequences and effects of human negligence on nature. Kids are the best environment warriors. Educating them about the necessity of recycling will go a long way.


Every time we take our bin out, we think our job is done for the day. But the truth is that our job only begins there. Our resources on the planet are limited and we need to get together to make the best use of the means that are so easily accessible to us. The planet is shared by us and so our responsibilities must be, too.


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