4 Things to Look for In a Criminal Defense Attorney


What does a criminal defence attorney do? How might their services differ from any other attorney? And most importantly, how do you choose a good one? As the title clearly indicates, a criminal defence attorney defends an individual who has been charged in a criminal case. It is their responsibility to speak for the defendant effectively in building case that would provide the best possible outcome for that defendant. Here are a few ways to determine whether or not a criminal defence attorney is right for your case.

They don’t make promises

When you’ve been charged with a crime, it can be an immense relief to hear someone say, “I’ll get you out of this.” Especially if you’re intimidated by the track record of the felony prosecutor handling your case. However, it is irresponsible and pretty risky to promise a client a particular outcome. Rather, we want a criminal defence attorney who moves with purpose and is prepared to take the steps toward the desired outcome.

They have experience

What makes an attorney a good pick for certain types of cases? Their experience. When choosing a criminal defence attorney, inquire about similar cases they’ve taken on before. In some instances, you may even be able to speak with past clients and hear how they found the attorney’s performance. Plus, you should always inspect the attorney’s online reputation. Read reviews, and compare them to other attorneys who have handled similar cases.

Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to choose an attorney who has experience with the judges and prosecutors in your area. Attorneys who know the other players in your case can anticipate what they’ll be looking for.

They speak to the defendant

Are many criminal defence attorneys overloaded with casework? You bet. But that doesn’t mean you should settle for an attorney who barely has time to speak to you. You should only go with an attorney who seems genuinely interested in handling your case and helps you understand what they’re going to do for you. It’s no good to be left in the dark when your freedom potentially hangs in the balance.

They have resources

Prosecutors often have the edge in criminal cases. This means that the defence has to be much more resourceful – with its strategy, time, and material. After all, the system doesn’t work in their favor as it often does for prosecutors. The right criminal defence attorney knows their challenges inside and out and is able to formulate a way to deal with them. You’ll also want to ask who else may be working on your case, as it’s always good to know who to speak to in the event your attorney is busy and cannot get back to you right away.

How will you get through your criminal case? Are you looking to come out on top in a plea bargain, or are you prepared to see this through a trial? A lot of your optimism hinges on the expertise and performance provided by a criminal defence attorney. Get an attorney with local experience, who speaks to you candidly and honestly, and understands what is required to secure the best results for your unique circumstances.


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