Survival Holidays, Sports Tours, and Themed Holidays: The Rise of ‘Alternative’ Vacations


Being out and about is thrilling and enriching. That’s why it has been the holiday of choice for most people. Some are even switching, embracing survival holidays to replace luxurious hotel stays once in a while. They are craving activities instead of the laidback vibe that most vacations are all about, and for good reasons.

Survival holidays allow you to relax while reconnecting with nature. They also provide a different experience — memorable ones that will even imprint a couple of lessons to help you pull through difficult times. However, calamities are inevitable. Thus, it is helpful that you learn a thing or two about surviving with just the basics, minus the usual comforts you are privileged with living in the suburbs.

Of survival holidays, sports tours, and themed holidays

Aside from survival holidays, which take you to the wilderness, jungles, and deep into natural landscapes, sports tours and themed holidays are also rising in popularity. Sports tours are those types of adventures when you book a trip to enter some of the world’s popular events, wherever that may be. For example, you can pack your bike and travel across the world to enter a cycling event or join a marathon a thousand miles from home. On the other hand, themed holidays are those adventures that do not just take you somewhere but bring you there for a personal reason. That personal touch makes all the difference.

Choosing between the three depends on you, your interests, and how you like to spend your vacation. Each has its allure, and it is up to you which brand of excitement will make your blood rush to your veins.

Do you have the right gear for adventure?

When you take a vacation and are yearning for more than just the usual, you will find that much is in store. You have a wealth of options ahead of you, and everything could be possible as long as you have the correct gears.

A tool kit is a must for any thrill-seeking explorer. Bringing the best tactical hydration bladder, for example, could help you survive days and weeks in the wild or help you through a sporting event unscathed. Hydration is an essential aspect of one’s wellbeing. And having an accessible source no matter where your adventure takes you is quite essential to help you through the trip with your health intact.

There are various tools available for adventure-savvy individuals. What your toolkit contains would depend on the function that you require each time. At its most basic, apart from a hydration bladder, you should have a suitable backpack to carry your stuff, which may be composed of a first aid kit, travel food, shelter kit, body warmer, a solar-powered charger, and many others.

When you have everything you need in one bag, there is nothing left to do but to step out and take on that adventure your heart is longing for.


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