Steel Manufacturing in the Green Era


Not many things have penetrated the cultural zeitgeist quite like the idea of sustainability and going green in an effort to curb climate change and global warming. No industry has escaped the green brush, and heavy industry is one of those that are perhaps the most difficult to make a marked difference.Thankfully, industries like steel manufacturing aren’t being complacent and many initiatives are in place already or being implemented.

The Basics of Sustainability

Sustainability is a simple concept. It’s a broad, catch all name for the almost abstract idea of changing the way we live, build and create to make our planet and its resources last for much longer, and pave the way for our future generations to enjoy our world just like we do. Over the last few years, an incredible number of ways we can increase sustainability have been introduced in our personal and daily lives. If we all contribute in small ways like doing the recycling, using less single-use plastics, or saving water and saving electricity, we can increase sustainability. Without big industry coming to the party, however, sustainability isn’t possible.

To slow global warming, we need to ultimately limit our emissions of greenhouse causing gasses, and the majority of these are created in industry.

The Main Offenders in Industry

There are many industries where global warming is a huge concern.

  • Electricity and power production aresome of the biggest, thanks to a reliance on fossil fuels like coal. Many great leaps forward are being made in renewable industry sources like solar power and wind power, but we still rely heavily on fossil fuels.
  • Transport is another huge contributor, both cars and the aviation industry. Engines burn fuel which releases carbon dioxide – one of the most harmful greenhouse gasses.
  • The food industry is perhaps one of the most well publicized contributors to global warming, and the impact of this can be seen by the rise of vegetarianism and initiatives like meat-free Mondays.
  • Manufacturing and construction are one of the biggest contributors, both because they create pollution themselves and because, particularly in industries like steel manufacturing, they consume large amounts of electricity – which is often being created by that fossil burning power plant.

Existing Green Initiatives

Manufacturers and the manufacturing industry certainly aren’t sitting back and not doing anything. Many manufacturing companies are insisting on renewable power sources and launching green initiatives of their own, through improving their processes and using cutting-edge manufacturing processes like those used by The Federal Group. Responsible supply chain management and manufacturing is the order of the day for the industry.

Ultimately for heavy industry, there’s a balance between running initiates themselves and putting pressure onto third party providers to provide clean and renewable energy. The promising message being broadcast around the world by many of the industries identified as high on the global warming offenders, is that things are being done to stop relying so heavily on fossil fuels and increase the sustainability of our world by decreasing those very harmful carbon emissions.


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