7 Helpful Tips for Staying Sober During Addiction Recovery


Out of all American adults, it is estimated that over half have a family history of alcohol addiction or some kind of drinking problem.

If you’re struggling, you’re not alone.

Recovering from addiction and staying sober can seem like an intimidating mountain, but it is one you are more than capable of summiting. But not without some help!

We’ve got seven helpful tips on how to get clean and how to stay clean. Keep reading to learn more.

1Recognize the Past

The first step to moving on is recognizing the past. That means fully acknowledging your mistakes, but also recognizing that they are behind you.

Understanding your past shortcomings can help you learn and also strengthen you to do better now. You can also begin to put those negative experiences and ordeals behind you as you begin to deal with them properly.

2Out With the Old

Another tip is to revamp your lifestyle a little bit.

Kick out the old habits that will make you feel prone to repeating your past. Try waking up and going to bed at a different time, or eating something new for breakfast instead of what you used to have.

Something as little as changing laundry day can make the biggest difference.

3Keep Moving

Along with adding something new to your life, staying active is a great way to help you get on the right track.

Your body will physically and mentally you’ll find a sense of renewal beginning. Exercising for a good amount each week can help you begin that journey to recovery.

4Make Plans

Another helpful tip is to plan out your events. Keep a calendar and make time to do things.

It’s important to keep a balance with this because you don’t want to solely fill your time and be distracted. Make sure you’re enjoying yourself and not getting too overwhelmed.

5Identify Triggers

It’s key to identify triggers that could cause you to relapse while in recovery. For this, you will have to dig into your past a little bit and acknowledge some memories you may have a hard time with.

That’s where the next tip can come in handy…

6People Can Help

Getting help from others is nothing to be ashamed of. Having people around for substance addiction recovery makes a world of difference.

Whether it’s reaching out to those you trust or going to a rehabilitation center, know that people are incredibly important pillars in the recovery process.

7You Can Help

Finally, helping others is a great way to help yourself during this time. Volunteering at a shelter or food pantry can help you open up and empathize.

Through this, you’ll hopefully be able to see that if you’re able to help others out, you can also help yourself.

Staying Sober Is Within Your Reach

With a little hard work, anything becomes possible, even staying sober. Your journey to sobriety begins now, and if you believe in yourself it’ll last the rest of your life!

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