This Is What a Social Security Disability Attorney Does


As an employee, you pay Social Security taxes on your income. In turn, if you become disabled, the Social Security program provides benefits to you and your dependents and replaces some of your lost income.

Is it necessary to hire a social security lawyer or disability lawyer when you have a claim? The process may be overwhelming and while an attorney is not necessary, it can help.

Are you trying to decide if you need a social security disability attorney? If yes, stick with us to find out the list of things lawyers that deal with social security do.

What Can a Social Security Disability Attorney Do For You?

The key point to know is that when you hire an attorney to help with your disability case, your chances of garnering approval increase significantly. Let’s look at what they do and how much it’ll cost you.

Role of the Social Security Disability Attorney

You hire an attorney to represent you and act as a go-between for you and the Social Security Administration. They will receive correspondence to review and take phone calls regarding your case. You don’t have to directly deal with anyone from the Social Security Administration.

An attorney will make sure your rights are not violated by the Social Security Administration. You might not realize all of your rights in this process, but your attorney will.

Social Security disability attorneys have experience dealing with these cases and understand how to present your case. They help you focus on the important facts that will persuade those making the final decision.

They know if your case has a chance of being successful. If it’s a borderline case, they will review it and let you know whether they’ll represent you or not. They will not waste your time.

You’ll sign a medical privacy release to allow the attorney access to your medical records. They will collect and present medical evidence that is relevant to the case.

An attorney will prepare you for the hearing. You’ll go over the probable questions and practice your honest answers.

Your Costs

Federal law dictates the fees that disability attorneys charge. You are only charged a fee if you win the case. The fee is the lesser of 25% of your disability backpay or $6000.

If you have to file an appeal, you may need to pay more. Upfront costs are little to none.

Your social security claim is very important. Get the experience of Disability Law Firm on your side.

Can a Lawyer Help You Get Disability?

Now that you know what a social security disability attorney does, do you think you need one for your case? Remember, you can always consult with a social security attorney to find out more information.

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