Sexual Assault Lawyers in Toronto and Abroad


A Toronto criminal defense lawyer can be of immense help in fighting charges of sexual assault. This type of accusation can be very difficult to prove, as the accused will usually deny any wrongdoing. The accused may also face a lot of repercussions, such as loss of employment, reputation damage, and counseling. Therefore, it is essential that if you are the victim of such crime, hiring a skilled and experienced sexual assault lawyer in Toronto can prove to be helpful.

Taking the right step

Many times the first step in the legal process against a person accused of sexual offences is an interview with the police. If a suspect says they were not guilty, it is important to find out whether their denials are true or not. A Toronto criminal defence lawyer like David Genis will conduct a thorough investigation into all aspects of the case to ensure that his client’s innocence or guilt is indeed clear.

Another charge that may be brought against a client is that of a summary conviction offence, also known as an OUI. A summary conviction offence is one which is found by the crown justice not to have been grossly offensive or otherwise likely to cause harm. For example, sexual assault is not considered a summary conviction offence if the accused is found guilty of grabbing or pinching the breasts of the complainant in the course of a sexual encounter. Charges of summary conviction offences must be brought within three years of the date of the alleged offence. However, some offences such as assault and robbery may be considered summary convictions even though the accused has not actually been charged with these specific types of offences. In order for the Crown to prove a summary conviction offence, it is essential that all evidence relating to the events that led up to the accused’s arrest be presented at trial.

There are two types of sexual assault: sexual assault and penetrative sexual assault. A sexual assault occurs when a person intentionally touches another person against that persons will, or if the other person did not give consent for the touching. Penetrative sexual assault is when the sexual act is done using an object like a penis or some other similar tool. Either type can still constitute a sexual assault depending on the state in which it is committed. Therefore, if you have been charged with any of these charges, the first thing you should do is consult a Toronto criminal lawyer to find out exactly what the charges are.

Sexual Assault: A heinous crime

Even though the two different levels of this offence are different, they are still considered to be sexual assaults regardless of the state in which they are committed. This is because the elements of the two different charges, which are an invasion of privacy and consent, are the same. Therefore, if you are facing these two charges in Toronto, your lawyer will need to inform you of the common legal definitions so that you understand what your situation is. The Toronto criminal lawyers in question will be able to explain the different laws, which apply, in the various municipalities in Toronto.

One aspect that many people do not understand when they are charged with aggravated or even aggravated sexual assault in Toronto, is whether or not there is a mandatory minimum sentence. This can be important for you to understand because although the penalties may seem severe, there are several things that can lead to a shorter jail sentence or even a dismissal of charges altogether. First, there is always a chance of a plea bargain. The lawyer for you might be able to work something out with the prosecutors in exchange for pleading guilty rather than going to trial. A conviction on the other hand could result in the immediate loss of your job or travel privileges. If you are facing this charge, you would be wise to get the help of a free consultation with a sexual assault lawyer in Toronto.

Some jurisdictions around the world have something called the “aggravated” charge of sexual assault. This charge is much more serious than the “merely aggravated” charge because it includes some elements that aren’t present in other sexual assault charges. In fact, with the “aggravated” charge there is an idea that there has been a sexual assault which leads to a conviction, even if the person faces no actual sex crime at all. However, it is up to the judge and jury to decide whether or not the evidence supports a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt.

In Canada, as in many other countries, it is important to remember that the criminal code is very specific regarding the definition of consent. For example, the definition of consent in Canada is very specific: it means that a person has the complete freedom to decide whether or not he or she wants to engage in sexual activity. Therefore, if you were ever involved in a sexual assault case where the alleged victim did not give you the permission to penetrate her or him, then you may be able to argue that it was not your consent that was violated, but rather the victim’s lack of consent. Regardless of whether you faced a sexual assault charge in Toronto or another jurisdiction, it is important to know your own rights in order to protect yourself from excessive fines, jail time, or both.


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