5 Myths And Misconceptions About Recruitment Firms Debunked


Over the years, the concept of hiring through recruitment firms has gained acceptance for businesses. At the same time, these firms have made life easier for job seekers too. With their specialized skills and well-established connections in the industry, they are able to find the right fits, both for organizations as well as the candidates. Yet, there are some misconceptions about these agencies and businesses may become apprehensive about using their services. However, if you want a perfect fit for a position, you should definitely set aside doubts and find suitable candidates with their help. Let us debunk the myths about recruitment firms.

1. It is better to hire on your own

To start with, the biggest myth that businesses have is that they are better off trusting the in-house HR teams rather than sourcing through external agencies. But these firms can actually get you better candidates faster and with fewer hassles. Additionally, they have wider networks which improve the chances of getting relevant candidates to fit into the roles. This means that you have to spend lesser time and money on training and have the resource performing right away.

2. They charge huge commission

Obviously, you cannot expect them to work without remuneration but if you think that they charge huge commission, you are mistaken. According to Peter Riccio New Jersey, you should make a cost-benefit analysis to calculate the worth of these services. You will probably find the commission justified in most cases because hiring the right candidate means that you can save in the long run. Plus, you save the cost and time that goes into the entire hiring process.

3. All they care about is just filling the role

Yes, recruitment firms are focused on filling the roles but this does not mean that they will give you a wrong match. Rather, they aim to ensure that the right candidate gets connected with the right company so that both end up happy and satisfied. If you do hire an agency for the job, you should be confident about their services. Reputed firms like Peter Riccio New Jersey aspire to build lasting relationships with the clients to ensure that they stay with them for long term.

4. They are not niche-specific

Another misconception about recruitment firms is that they are not niche-specific and will not be able to get you a candidate for your industry. But this is not true as even the non-specialized firms have wide networks that extend to diverse industries. The companies that want to go totally niche-specific can opt for the services of specialized agencies such as IT recruiters or digital marketing recruiters, as the need may be.

5. They do not really work

Recruitment, according to Peter Riccio New Jersey, is an art that is mastered over time but there is still a margin for error. Whether you hire through your in-housed HR team or a recruitment agency, there are always chances of failure. Expecting that they would spin magic for you is a wrong approach because even the most perfect-looking candidate may not be able to blend into your organization. So you should trust your recruitment firm as they would want only the best for you.

Hiring through an agency reduces your workload and enables you to focus on more critical aspects of the business. So you should not believe in false myth and trust them to connect you with the best resources for your organization.


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