A Good Virtual Receptionist: 5 Qualities That Every Receptionist Should Have


Whether you are hiring a virtual receptionist or making your career in it, certain qualities are necessary for a virtual receptionist. Do you think only qualification is enough? No! Along with the qualification, proper working skills are essential. 

This article will guide you with the top abilities of a virtual receptionist that are necessary to benefit the business. 


Reliability is a key factor, and that is a must in every virtual receptionist. Doesn’t matter how hard you work to make a business successful, it’s all in vain if the virtual receptionist is not reliable. If you are chasing them all the time for the work updates, then what’s the point of hiring them? A good virtual receptionist will report the progress of the work by the end of each day and should reply efficiently to all your queries. 

A reliable virtual receptionist never disappears when tasks are assigned to them. Professionalism demands to contact the client the same day when they approach you. A good receptionist will do the same. 


Do you think communication is just about speaking and writing good English? No! A good communicator is the one who understands the others point of view and is enable of explaining their own viewpoint effectively. Business runs successfully where communication takes place in a streamlined manner.    

As your virtual assistant is the first person to represent your company to the clients, it is important that they communicate well. You should note the important things while communicating with them. For example, are they listening to you when you say something, or they interrupt you in-between, do they acknowledge your words or messages?  

The way they communicate with you, in the same way, they will communicate with your potential clients. 


A good virtual receptionist should be proactive while carrying out tasks. They must try to find answers on their own instead of asking every time. We are not saying to expect that your receptionist should know everything. But can’t they even try at least to figure out the issue on own? They can and being a virtual receptionist they should be that much active. 

If a receptionist enquires about some matter from you, a talented assistant will make a note of it. They will never ask the same information again. He or she should stay resourceful with the common information that clients generally ask and also make efforts to know how to work when facing some problem.


A virtual receptionist should be good at managing time. We are not saying to do multiple tasks simultaneously, but he or she should manage their all tasks timely. Practice and see how things are working and how they can divide time accordingly among different tasks. Remember all the tasks are important and should be sorted by the end of the day. All you need is to set priorities to be able to handle clients and other projects in a better way. 

If in a hurry a receptionist leaves things finished in an unstructured manner, they will only mess up everything. They should pay full attention to every assignment to not leave any flaws. In this way, they can become more productive while focusing on work and sorting numerous things in a day.

Patience, honesty, availability, motivation, and professionalism are some of the other qualities that a virtual receptionist should have. So, when you are hiring a virtual receptionist or applying for the post of a virtual receptionist, make sure you have these skills. It will increase the merits and chances of a virtual receptionist to be selected over others.  


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