Exam Dumps: Best Aid to Prepare for Your Microsoft 70-486 Exam


Web applications play a major role in the day to day activities of any individual or organization. You can find them used for communication, education, e-commerce, health, and many other industries. Thanks to this, there is a high demand for web application developers and administrators. But going to an interview and saying that you are an expert inthis field is pretty much pointless if you have no means to prove it. To avoid this problem, you can get yourself certified.

From this post, you’ll know more about the Microsoft 70-486 exam which will help you to earn the certification and get your desired job.

Why are Microsoft Certifications Preferred Over Others?

There are many IT certification providers around including Microsoft. But are all of them recognized and accepted by employers of top tier organizations worldwide? Well, the simple answer is no. But here’s why Microsoft credentials prove otherwise:

  • Fame

The instant you see the word Microsoft you already know that they’re a big shot in the field of IT and you have most probably used their products. Just as much as we know of their solutions, hiring managers know about the standard of Microsoft’s certifications.This is why 64% of them prefer to hire certified professionals and experts over any others according to one of the Microsoft researches.

  • Skills

Preparing for earning a Microsoft badge gives you solid skills on the intended technologies. Passing their exams means you have good knowledge about their applications thus making you competent at your job.

  • Opportunities

Having a Microsoft certification gives you access to more job opportunities and increases your chances of getting hired because of its high standard and acceptance among employers.

  • Validity

Microsoft makes sure to update their credentials and exams whenever there is a significant development in the field. This is very important in such a dynamic sphere like IT. As a result, their badges can ensure that you are up-to-date on any new features and skills required to manage Microsoft services, in turn asserting job security.

MCSA Web Applications Certification

Microsoft offers several types of certifications related to their products including the foundational, associate, and expert stages. One such type is the Exam-Labs 70-486 MS-900 70-761 70-778 70-410 70-764 70-741 70-742 Azure Certifications Exams. (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) which refers to the associate level. The MCSA in Web Applications proves one’s skills in developing modern apps using different programming languages and tools. The list of tests mentioned as requirements for this credential is the following:

  • Exam 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
  • Exam 70-483: Programming in C#
  • Exam 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

But you only need to take two exams out of the three. While 70-486 exam is compulsory, you should choose from these too to take firsteither 70-480 or 70-483.

Microsoft 70-486 Exam Overview

This exam focuses on developing ASP.NET MVC web applications. It will assess your skills mainly in the following areas though not limited to them:

  • Application architecture designing (15-20%)
  • Build and deployment architecture designing (10-15%)
  • User Experience designing (15-20%)
  • User Experience developing (15-20%)
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging Web Applications (20-25%)
  • Designing and Implementing Security (15-20%)

Microsoft hasn’t mentioned the number of questions specifically for this exam but in general, all MCSAtests have 40-60 questions to be answered within 120 minutes. These questions can come in various formats owing to Microsoft’s innovative nature. That is why you should have a deep knowledge of the topics to be able to manage any task regardless of its form. So, let’s find out how you can prepare for 70-486 exam visit https://www.certbolt.com/ .

Preparing for the Exam 70-486

When preparing fora test like this, you have to make use of all the available resources you can get your hands on. Firstly, you should pay your attention to Microsoft’s learning material On the official website, you can find an instructor-led training for 70-786 exam. You can choose either on-demand or the classroom option. The on-demand variant is best for students who have a busy schedule and prefer learning at their own pace while the classroom option is for students who like to have more live guidance.

In addition to following a training course, you have to practice answering questions since it’s the best way to test your level of knowledge before sitting for the actual assessment. You can do this by using exam dumps from a reliable site like Exam-Labs.com.It offers dumpsfor 70-486 exam in the vce format. You can open them using the VCE Exam Simulator which allows to create your own practice tests, filter out the questions you got wrong and do them again, time your trial exams, and track your improvement. Moreover, Exam-Labs offers a handy Premium Bundle containing 235 actual questions and verified answers, a training course with 91 lectures, and a study guide only for $49,99.

Simply following a training course and doing questions will not be enough to excel in a Microsoft exam. You have to refer more resources to build your skills. To clear any of your doubts and gain more knowledge of the concepts taught in the course, you can read books, watch videos on YouTube, or join online communities. Additionally, it would be great if you could have a study partner with whom you can study together and have discussions. It will make your work a whole lot more productive.


If your dream is to become a Web Developer or Web Administrator, the best way to go about is to first earn the MCSA Web Applications certification. But to get it you have to pass two tests, one of which is 70-486. It’s a fact that Microsoft exams can be really challenging. But if you make the best use of Exam-Labs’ exam dumps throughout your preparation period, passing 70-486 exam will be a walk in the park.


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