Physical Activities for Preschoolers


It can be quite a task to be surrounded by kids who are between 3-5 as they tend to lack patience, always loud, and are hungry all the time. If you don’t know how to be around kids or a new teacher who has just been assigned to a preschool, you are in luck because we have got your back.

At this age, kids learn to interact with someone other than their parents and siblings at home. While some kids may be active and easy to blend in, some kids are shy and do not come around on the first go. That is where physical activities play a vital role.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Physical Activities for Preschoolers, why it’s essential, and how it can benefit the kids in the long run.

Why Physical Activities for Preschooler is important

This is the first question that pops in our head is Why do we need physical activities in the first place? Just handing them a crayon and a piece of paper would keep them occupied for several hours, right?

No. handing kids color books or toys will only stall time, and before you know it, they would get bored of it. Physical activities for preschoolers engage them physically and mentally; it also helps develop their motor & interactive skills. Physical exercises are important because:

  1. After having done a physical activity, the kids feel like they have achieved something which makes them happy, relaxed, and confident.
  2. Apart from just finishing tasks, they learn to work in a group with everyone. Physical activities help develop the social skills of kids.
  3. It has been scientifically proven that physical activity helps concentration. It’s right for adults and preschoolers as well. It also helps in bone growth.
  4. Kids involved in physical activity tend to sleep better.
  5. Having played a game lifts their mood and keeps them motivated throughout the day.

5 Physical Activities for Preschoolers

1Structured play

Preschoolers can play games as Simon says, touch that color, Sorting games, etc. That will keep them occupied and will also teach them indirectly. These games can be fun and interactive if organized well.

2Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Many of us would remember playing it when we were kids, right? It’s a straightforward yet effective game. In this game, the kids form a circle as they hold hands and sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat, gently down the stream. Pretty fun, right?

3Rhythmic Gymnastics

This sport is an overall package deal. It not only helps children learn about posture and coordination, but it also makes them flexible, increases strength in arms and bones. They do some much physical work while also enjoying the process. Kids from a very young age should be engaged in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

4Musical Hide and Seek

This is a fun game that preschoolers enjoy. In this game, a song or poem is played, and then the instrument is hidden. Then all the preschoolers try to find the source of the music.

5Follow the Leader

It is a great game to have the attention of kids ultimately. You can teach them so much just by making them imitate you. With this physical activity, you can teach them about colors, shapes, and animals.


Physical activity is a must for everyone. It becomes beneficial for the growth of preschoolers. They not only get benefitted from it but also learn to share and play along in a group. They interact with people you do not know to them, which helps them come out of their shells.


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