How To Pay Off Credit Card Bills Online


Nowadays, paying credit card bills has become very easy, and thus several people pay their credit card bills every month. You can effortlessly pay them through a variety of convenient channels, either online or offline. Almost every bank has created its own mobile net banking app to clear the payments without charging any fee for the transactions. Furthermore, it takes a good technique to use credit cards so that you can avoid large bills.

Paying credit card bill online has significantly increased through the various means of payment options like UPI, debit cards, national automated clearing house, NEFT, and many other internet banking options. All of these online payment options have their own advantages and work. Let’s see in detail how you too can pay the credit card bills online.

Pay Through Net Banking

If you want to use a net banking service for the payment of credit card bills, you first need to register the savings or current account of your bank with the net banking services. Registering to this service is very mandatory for the customers to start the online payment through this means. After registering and login into the net banking account, you can also link the credit card to the net banking account.

Net banking also facilitates the hot listing service to their customers in case of any theft or loss of credit cards. You can also block your card as per your wish and apply for a new card by giving specific charges.

Through Mobile Banking App

This option is very common nowadays. You only need to download your specific bank application on your mobile and then sign up with the customer ID and password. The mobile banking app enables all the features that are available on the portal of net banking. It is very easy to pay your credit dues through a mobile banking app; you just need to click on the credit card payment options.

Moreover, for the mini statements or any information, you don’t need to run for ATM service. Everything is online, and you can easily access any transaction bill or any information of your credit card on the app itself. Also, you can transfer the funds through ATM services.

Autopay Option

If you are a person who holds multiple credit cards, you often have faced the problem of forgetting the due bills. To overcome this problem, you either need to set a reminder for the due dates, or you can select the option of auto-payment of the bills. The clearance of credit card dues will automatically get initiated through your bank account and will be paid off. This way, you can avoid delays in your due payments and build your credit score better.

Payment Through Another Account

There are highly popular methods of paying credit card dues through other bank accounts, as it is considered as the convenient way to pay by the users. Some of the ways by which you can easily clear your dues using other bank accounts are:

1National Electronic Funds Transfer  (NEFT)

NEFT facility is something that instructs you to pay your dues using another bank account. Add your credit card number in the payee account number box to proceed with your payment through NEFT. Your payment might be stuck due to the payment done after the working hours, and it will later proceed to the next working hour.

2Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

If you have very large credit card bills, and if it cannot be done through other means in one go, you can make your payment through RTGS. You can easily pay using RTGS if you have net banking activated. This method should be used only for heavy transactions like payments of above 2 lakhs.

3Through Bank Website

The bill desk web page is specially created for the payment of credit card bills, so you can use this website directly if you face any problem while paying using other means. From the website, you will be directed towards the net banking portal for the completion of the payment.

So, these are the popular methods, which you can use to pay your credit card bills. From each of the above-given options, after completion of payment, you will be given the transaction confirmation and transaction reference number on your respective email or mobile number.


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