Why Do You Need to Consult a Vet for Using CBD for Pets?


As a pet parent, you may have already heard a lot about CBD products. The pet world praises the goodness of CBD and considers it the newest and the most comprehensive health supplement for dogs and cats.

If you are considering CBD oil or other products for your pets, it may be a good option to get recommendations from a vet CBD products. A veterinarian’s opinion matters because they are trained to comprehend an animal’s behavioral nature and physical health completely.

Why Do Some Vets Refrain from Talking About CBD?

In 2020, a news service surveyed 2000 plus veterinarians. The survey revealed that over 60% of veterinarians faced questions about CBD from pet owners almost every month.

Many veterinarians believe that CBD can cure age-induced anxiety, arthritis, joint pain for dogs and cats. However, they do not recommend or endorse CBD products directly for two main reasons.

1) Lack of Sufficient Knowledge

CBD products are popular, and there is a lot of curiosity around them. Most studies and research about these products have delivered promising results. However, there are very few studies that discuss the health benefits of CBD. Anecdotal evidence has been a strong reason for the increasing popularity of CBD oil for dogs and cats, and other products.

The inability to study more and delve deeper into its effects hinders veterinarians from recommending CBD products openly. The solution is to find a holistic pet expert who has complete knowledge about pet nutrition, diet, and cannabis.

2) The Legal Situation Around CBD

Veterinarians do not have the legal liberty to administer CBD products to pet animals. While medical marijuana in humans is legalized in many US states, veterinary medicine is yet to advance. However, any individual above the age of 21 can purchase CBD products for their pet. It is recommended to opt for plant-based, organic CBD for pet animals.

Do Veterinarians Use CBD Products for their Pets?

There have been multiple cases of veterinarians using CBD oil and other products for their four-legged friends. While they may be personally impressed by the product’s effectiveness, they are unable to deliver professional advice due to legal ambiguity.

Benefits of Discussing CBD with a Veterinarian

Your veterinarian may not be able to provide a CBD recommendation due to legal tangles. But it may be important you keep them informed about the different health supplements you administer to your pet.

When you get recommendations from a vet for CBD products, you will learn more about the health implications and benefits in the following ways.

  • The veterinarian can point out your pet’s health issues that may work adversely with CBD.
  • They will be able to explain the scientific significance of CBD and how these products work.
  • Veterinarians throw light on the lesser-known facts about the endocannabinoid system of your pet while discussing CBD products.
  • Veterinarians may be able to guide you in determining the proper dosage for your pet.
  • By keeping your veterinarian in the loop, you can always go back to them in case of any unexpected effects from the product.
  • Most importantly, they can highlight the issues that can be cured using the right CBD product.

Some veterinarians may abstain from discussing CBD products. Others may be willing to educate you about CBD and its impact on your furry friend. Last year, California passed a law to prevent penalizing veterinarians for discussing CBD. Similar bills are under discussion in different states, and some improvement is expected in the upcoming years.

Is CBD Safe for My Pet?

Administering a health supplement without a prescription may raise doubts for pet parents. However, CBD is a 100% natural product and helps treat several health issues in pet animals. When using a safe CBD product for your pet, you can follow the below guidelines.

  • Choose a full-spectrum, plant-based product.
  • Start with small doses to determine the effect on your pet.
  • Seek medical advice immediately if you notice anything unusual.
  • Review the list of ingredients before buying a product. It would be best to avoid products with artificial colors and sweeteners.
  • Find a brand that third-party agencies have tested.
  • Gather reviews about the quality of the chosen brand.
  • Find a cannabis pet expert and have all your queries addressed before you buy a product.

The Bottom Line

To know more about the use of CBD and explore different varieties of CBD products available in the market today, find an expert vet who has in-depth knowledge about medical cannabis products.


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