9 Excellent Money-Saving Tips for a Couple Expecting Their First Child


Are you expecting your first child in a few months to come? Congratulations. Welcome to the parenthood world. But I have a question: how prepared are you for the third person in your house? This is a question that most couples do not have a definitive answer. Is it because of the joy and happiness that they do not consider putting aside some coins for the incoming soul? Or are they assured of all expenses that would accompany a new-born baby? In whichever case, all I know is that nobody can evade the reality that unveils when the first baby-cry is heard in a house. The fact that you may be caught off-guard without an extra coin in your pocket.

However, in this article, we shall elaborate on some money-saving tips that a couple should have on their fingertips when expecting their first child. The couple will never know what may come with the baby.

Staying prepared is the only weapon to fight the uncertainties and financial constraints that may follow once they match out of the labour ward.  Listed here are personal finance ideas, to support your child’s future. Let’s get started.

1No Need for All That Crap, At Least for Now

According to Singaporean Baby Preparedness Industry, you need to have dozens of diaper bags, a Mercedes-Benz design of cribs, a changing table, twelve diaper genies, a play and packs, and lots of accessories for your baby before it is born. Interestingly, you can get all these in a few hours from Amazon online shops, which would deliver them at your doorstep.

But this is all about the baby preparedness industry. What about your pocket? Can your wallet afford all these? That is why you don’t need all this crap when expecting your first child.

To save on your money, you only need three items; diapers, a crib, and a car seat. You don’t need to overspend on unnecessary things all in the name of baby preparedness. Save that money and use it later. There are many likes and dislikes in babies, and you can buy some items as they grow.

2Land for Secondhand Items If Possible

Your baby would not realize if something is new or old. All they care about is something that will make them happy and keep them engaged. For instance, if your baby reaches an age where he or she likes riding with other kids in the neighbourhood, get them old bikes. Giving your kid a new bike will only be a new item until it is used in a week. It will then become an old bike to your kid. You can save money by getting them secondhand items to suit their demands. The only new things you need are diapers, a crib, and a car seat.

3Welcome Baby Showers

Baby showers are beneficial in gifting your yet-to-be-born baby with gifts. You can let your co-workers, college mates, family members, and friends know what to bring you when they come for a baby shower. You can avoid stocking any duplicate products. This is a way of saving money as you prepare for your baby.

4Share Maternity Clothes

There is a possibility that you have a friend or family member that is expectant or has been recently pregnant. This is an excellent opportunity to save money on maternity clothes. Why can’t you share or even borrow from them, provided you are of the same size?

5Place Your Financial Systems Right

Expecting a baby would probably make you and your partner tired. It would drain your mental stability. So you need to get your financial systems in place before the day arrives. This involves simplifying and automating your commercial cards like credit cards and debit cards. This would help to prevent issues like missing to settle credit cards, which affects your credit score. You can still set reminders in your calendar to check in periodically, although you only need to do that for six to twelve after the baby’s arrival.

6Save Money for Maternity and Paternity Leave

Sooner or later, you and your spouse will take a leave from work. It would help if you estimated how much you could use while you are off the duty after the birth of your child.

However, setting aside some money for maternity or paternity leave does not fall in the same category as saving money for future use. This should be a different saving wallet you can spend before resuming for work. Remember, you can still receive some money from your boss or company to add in this category. As we discuss some critical tips, check here a practical money-saving guide https://www.a1credit.sg they have explained different ways on how to help us save money.

7Research On Hospital Costs

The cost of delivery is one of the highest costs that a couple may face during child delivery. The only way to save on this is by walking around, comparing delivery costs in different hospitals. Do not only depend on what the hospitals will charge, but you should balance between your insurance costs and hospital charges. Researching hospital costs will help you save some money on the child-delivery day instead of waiting until the last day and settle on higher prices than the favorable hospitals next street.

8Make Us of What You Already Have

Learn to creatively change what you already have to fit your child’s new fashion. I hope you, too, have house furniture and fixtures you can leverage to use when your baby arrives. For instance, you can move that old dresser that you do not use to your baby’s room and make it his or her changing table. You can still use that old laundry hamper your kid’s toy basket. This will save you the money than to buy new ones.

9Save For Your Baby

As a new parent, you never know how your baby will be delivered. Stay prepared by opening a new baby saving account—plan for the time ahead by saving money that will help in case of emergency. Luckily, the baby does not come as a surprise to most couples so they can start saving from the first month. Save, save, and save more money to enjoy financial stress-free life after delivery.

The Bottom Line

A new baby comes as a bundle of joy to new parents. It is so rewarding to be a parent. However, celebrating until they forget the expenses that may accompany a new baby is what most couples do. I would call that the biggest mistake in parenthood. As a new parent, you need to be financially prepared to receive your new-born baby by putting all your financial systems in place. Steal all the money-saving tips that will help you get out of stress in the future. After getting everything right, sit, relax, and wait for your bundle of joy.


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