Does Menopause Reversal Restores Periods And Fertility Of Eggs


Science has made it possible to extend the fertility of our women beyond menopause. It is possible to rejuvenate ovaries to produce fertile eggs that can lead to pregnancy. Scientist reveal menopause in women can reverse by a simple technique in which declined fertility is brought back to life. Best Menopause supplements are among the critical methods used by women to rejuvenate fertility.

As the motherhood age is getting less by the day due to our poor lifestyle practices, health complications, and menopause. The birth giving age has hit a record low of 35 prompting scientists to craft a means of reversing that. Though IVF and egg freezing are some of the methods used by women to get pregnant past menopause, they are no longer reliable and healthy.

Blood treatment is a means used to help women get fertile again. The method targets hormonal imbalances and enlargement of ovaries by supplying blood with nutrient and hormonal supplements.

Platelet-rich plasma technique is the method to watch. It aims at configuring a ladies blood in a manner that isolates growth of blood tissues vessels and molecules in the ovaries. The method repairs damaged muscles and bones by promoting regeneration of tissues. Besides, the uterus wall gets stronger as muscles get stronger to sustain a pregnancy.

Older ovaries damaged by lower levels of estrogen caused by menopause are healed. As a result, fertile eggs are produced once again with ovulation and fertilization taking place. Menstrual cycles get to the whole back, and women have a chance of getting pregnant still even after menopause.

Women have been injected with the PRP, and their ovaries gain shape and experience their periods once again. When conception becomes difficult, scientists fertilize a woman’s eggs using her husband’s sperm and implant the embryo into the uterus. Besides, some women get their eggs fertilized before menopause, freeze the resulting embryo and get implants whenever they want even after menopause.

PRP stimulates the health of stem cells making eggs continue growing a woman’s body even after menopause. Though this method is not publicized a lot, it is possible when stem cells get necessary growth factors, tissues regenerate and ovulation hormones produced.

Fertilization of Eggs

However, PRP works best for women below the age of 50 since the damage is not far much gone in the ovaries. Besides, such women can easily support embryo implants and pregnancies without the risks of further complicating the situation. Also, scientists can isolate fertile eggs and fertilize them.

In more than two-thirds of the cases, researchers find biochemical patterns that guide them in egg isolation and fertilization. His team has yet to implant any embryos in post-menopausal women but hopes to do so in the coming months. On the other hand, PRP is essential for women who can observe proper diet and consistently check their estrogen levels to ensure their bone health is in check. Besides, embryos find it difficult to attach to weak uterus wall, and in the event, they get an attachment a miscarriage is sure to happen. Weak uterus lining is hard to treat giving a reason why women ought to always check their overall health if they hope to use PRP successfully.

When PRP is injected into the uterus of a woman, ladies who had experienced several miscarriages and failed in IVF treatment, sustained their pregnancies to the very end.

Keeping fertility issues aside due to menopause, women who have previously failed to conceive have used the technique successfully. Hormonal imbalances in the body contain hot flashes, heart and skin conditions, and takes care of bone health. PRP is highly recommended to women since it has no links to breast cancer as compared to hormonal replacement therapies. Additionally, while PRP causes rejuvenation of ovaries, it enhances the production of the even supply of hormones that increase youthfulness causing a delay in the onset of menopause.

Though further analysis and research on PRP technique are still on course to prove the new effectiveness of PRP treatment, the current status indicates it commendable to women upon examination by an expert.

Though the efficacy and safety of the technique on women is still in question, some scientist proposes further testing of the method on animals, but Asia has gone a step ahead in testing the technique in humans. Children resulting from the way need to be checked on their normalcy and whether they have the potential to get any worse in the future. Fertility of eggs is not the big issue but the possibility to acquire further health complications. Though the fertility of women cannot be questioned, the health of women in days to come is under review, but we have no reasons to worry as yet.

Though new medical methodologies receive lots of negativity, there is no evidence of the negative impact of women upon using PRP. The promise of better days ahead due to the use of PRP and egg fertilization still hold, and women no longer need to spend their life savings o get a child after menopause. Finally, women ought to take a balanced diet and lifestyle to enhance chances of conception.


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