Best Medical Marijuana Strains of All Time


Cannabis has been associated with wellness and health since time immemorial. Even within the United States, cannabis was an active ingredient in tinctures and tonics through the 18th and 19th centuries, helping sufferers manage ills like insomnia and chronic pain. Into the 20th century, doctors and nurses encouraged patients with severe and debilitating diseases, like cancer and AIDS, to use cannabis as a means of fighting appetite loss and nausea. And today, thanks to widespread medical marijuana access, patients with various health conditions can acquire medical marijuana at licensed dispensaries.

But — which cannabis strains have stood the test of time? Here are some of the oldest and best medical marijuana strains to look for in Florida dispensaries.

Sour Diesel

A sativa-leaning hybrid, Sour Diesel is a strain known for its energy-boosting effects, which is excellent for those suffering from health conditions that leave them drained all day. This strain tends to have a THC content around 18 percent, meaning its effects can be quite powerful, especially for beginner users. Though Sour Diesel isn’t the most appealingly aromatic strain — it smells overwhelmingly of earthy skunk with a slight whiff of citrus — its mood-boosting effects are so reliable that patients everywhere keep coming back.

Afghan Kush

Not many medical marijuana strains are excellent for new users, typically because those relying on medical marijuana need high cannabinoid content to keep their health conditions in check. Fortunately, Afghan Kush is one of the few beginner-friendly strains that can relieve pain and provide other desirable effects without a major risk of overdose. Beginners using this indica strain are likely to feel a bit sleepy and giggly, and they can learn to appreciate the earthy, herbal aroma of its terpenes.

White Widow

On the other side of the hybrid spectrum, White Widow leads toward indica effects, meaning it is designed to help patients feel relaxed and pain-free. This strain is easily one of the most famous in the world, and it is a reputation well-earned thanks its balanced high — which is surprising considering its intense THC content between 20 and 25 percent. White Widow boasts a delightful aroma, blending lemony citrus and earthy pepper, which hardly smells like bud at all.


One of the oldest cannabis strains still sold in dispensaries, Blueberry is the progenitor of dozens upon dozens of medical strains — and for good reason. With high THC and high CBD, Blueberry helps to comfort the body and mind, quelling pain and anxiety, leaving a user completely relaxed. This indica smells intensely of fresh blueberries and produces deep blue buds — two attributes it often passes along to its descendants, like Blue Dream, Blue Cheese, Blue Mystic and Blue Haze, all of which are excellent medical marijuana strains in their own right.


ACDC often appears on lists of recommended strains for beginners because this strain is uncommonly high in CBD and low in THC. Some versions of ACDC even boast a THC-to-CBD ratio of 1 to 20, which goes beyond offering the user comfort and actually helps the body and mind to heal. ACDC is hardly intoxicating, which makes it an excellent strain for those who need to dose early and often while remaining productive throughout the day. ACDC’s aroma is that of skunky, earthy pine and a bit of lemon.

Northern Lights

Another globally recognized medical marijuana strain, Northern Lights is ubiquitous, available in almost every dispensary due to its simple, straightforward effects. An indica that effortlessly eliminates pain and encourages relaxation, this strain is an excellent tool for managing a health condition at the end of the day. Many Northern Lights users rely on the strain for deep, restful sleep. Plus, Northern Lights has a wonderfully complex aroma, blending spice, citrus, earthy herbals and florals and a bit of pine, that most users don’t mind hanging around their home.


Harlequin is a near-pure sativa strain, which is interesting considering its low THC and high CBD content. Typically, sativas are known for inspiring a buzzy head high and bursts of energy, but Harlequin’s extra CBD ensures that users experience relatively mellow energizing effects alongside powerful pain relief all day long. This is another strain that is ideal for use during the days patients need to feel productive. Harlequin’s terpene profile generates a woody, earthy and spicy aroma, but often Harlequin is available in vapes and edibles which will keep the intense smell to a minimum.

Medical marijuana is fast becoming a simple and practical tool for managing a number of difficult health conditions. Patients deserve to know which strains are most likely to bring them relief, and these best-of-the-best strains are available almost everywhere medical marijuana is sold.


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