5 Lip Essentials for the Perfect Lip Pout


A generation full of pouting lips and selfies, the one thing they need is the right lip color and it’s nourishing. Protecting the body parts that are way too sensitive is very important. Lips is the beauty of our face. It glows it and gives a right angle to our face. Giving a frame to our face is a very difficult task and that can be achieved by having perfect lips. And to avail that we need to take care of them on regular basis. Lip colors are also the nut shell of any female face as it gives the perfect definition and the outlining of the face that every girl wants.

So, it makes a lot of sense to have a list of products that make our selfies more beautiful then the way we want.We all know that trend fades away with time but lip color is an item that will always be their in trend no matter what clothing fashion is going on.


We all are fond of matte lipstick but by applying that directly on your lips won’t give you the perfect look that we want. Lip gloss is one of the most essential products in terms of lip care. It gives a very natural shiny finish to your lips and a base to your lip shade that you are applying. Many girls just like to nourish their lips properly to make them as soft as possible or some of them just want a natural look. Also there are times that you have done a lot on your eyes and you do not want to over do your face, at that time also we just need to apply lip gloss and we are good to go.And so, Lip gloss is one of the most essential goodie to go inside your bag.


Giving a perfect finish to your lip lining is like the basic and the toughest job. We all think that there is no use of lip liner but that’s so not true. As, we apply it firstly it prevents from feathering.Also,it gives an illusion to your lips so that you have a perfect pout face. Tip to use it would be that use the lip liner a little outside the lips, giving the best shape you can and then fill it with the lip color. It will give just the perfect outline to your lip and will change the look of your face too. Also always pick the liner shade closest to your lipstick.


The most popular lipstick these days is matte. There is something so decent and beautiful about non-shiny lips. They just attract the other person within a second and compliment your dress accordingly too. It goes according to the seasons too, like in summers you can go for the bright colors and it will make you look so positive and decent at the same time and in winters, you can go for darker shades which going to look super classy. You can buy matte lipstick by applying Nykaa coupon code. For example, Lakme absolute lip pout matte lip color is available at Nykaa at 30% OFF. The new colors CHOCOLATE FETISH, HOT CINNAMON, PLUM TEMPTATION, & VINTAGE BROWN are just what you need to beat the blues. Want to shine, Go buy a matte lipstick and add it your collection.


We are the followers of trend and we have seen a lot of times that people shine their faces amazingly in a very classy way in liquid lipstick. We all go to night parties in clubs, a red liquid lipstick will take the heart away of almost everybody you will meet. Also,liquid lipstick are long lasting that means they won’t get off your lips so easily and will shine your face like nothing else. Many girls also have a myth that liquid lipstick seems to be overdone. But it’s not the case, its just that such kind of lipsticks demand occasion or timing. Take care of it, add a new lipstick in your list and go for it. Shine!


Protecting our lips is our main motive and hence a good quality lip balm is like a must in your bag. It’s a everyday essential like a safety product for your lips. There are transparent and even colored balms also. If you just want to look simple, lip balm can be your go to just by adding kajal and mascara to it. Face is one of the most delicate parts of our body and it need nourishing. We nourish everything but forget lips, so it is very important to have a lip balm. Just apply it, it will hydrate and moisturize the lips and then it’s ready for any color application.


The perfect kit for lip essential will consist:

  • Lip stain-A color-drenched look that won’t rub.
  • Lip gloss- for natural finish with fresh shine.
  • Lip liner- to fill in your lips and give good definition to it.
  • Lip stick- for full bodied color and bold impact.
  • Matte lipstick- to look decent and classy.
  • Liquid lipstick- for fun and parties
  • Lip balm- to soften and hydrate the lips.

By understanding that taking care of our body is very important, so after applying all the beauty products, even the lip color, its very essential to know that how to remove that , so that it won’t affect your face or create any damage to you. You should always have a good quality makeup remover. All the girls put on makeup and demeaning the quality of a makeup remover and cause serios problems. After removing it by remover, then wash your face with your regular face wash and apply lip balm at the end to nourish it properly. If you are fond of home made products, you can also go for MALAI at night. Put it on your lips and results will be there in the morning. So go and buy all the lip beauty products to have the [perfect definition of your lips and shine.


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