What Kinds of Injuries Should You Call a Lawyer?


Nobody wants to get into a situation where they have to call up a lawyer.  There’s stress, time invested, and the thought of financial strain.  Still, there are moments in life where we have to ask for help, or we’ll be taken advantage of.  Here are the top injuries that should get taken to court, and how a lawyer can help you in this situation!

Car Crash That Isn’t Your Fault

This type of incident is the most common that any personal injury lawyer in Wilkes-Barre, PA, will receive, whether it’s a fender bender causing migraines and whiplash or a major accident that causes a loss of life.  If the lines are blurred on whose fault it was, or you know for sure it wasn’t your fault, your lawyer will take this case out of your hands and ensure that you get whatever funds are necessary.  If you’re unsure what’s needed or what can be covered, this professional will go over it with you.

Physical Injury From Someone’s Neglect

If someone neglected to do something that could have saved you from bodily or emotional harm, they can and should be held accountable for it, whether this means you’re on their property and fall in through a hollow bit of dirt, or you break your leg slipping on frozen-over snow on their walkway.  Holding them liable and suing ensures your medical bills get covered and that you’re capable of moving on with your life.  Unfortunately, if you’re friends, it may sever that relationship!

Emotional Trauma From Bad Situation

If you work with someone, and they criticize you for years, or if you live in such a dire situation that has given you PTSD or anxiety, and you have to seek help about it, you may be capable of suing to cover the cost of these treatments.  It’s harder for emotional trauma to prove it to the court, but it’s still a big reason many people sue every year.

Physical Punching, Hitting, or Kicking

Being physically assaulted can lead to needing an injury lawyer.  You deserve to have complete autonomy over your body, and someone taking that from you can’t be accepted.  Any physical contact that harms you, that you didn’t request or want, is assault.  Most cases settle out of court, meaning that they reach an agreement without a case’s publicity.  Sometimes just proving you’re willing to sue is enough.

Injury To Your Property From Someone Else

Your property being ruined is still an injury against you!  Property damage is severe and can cost people thousands of dollars, depending on the case.  Take lots of photos during and after if you can, and immediately call a lawyer for help.  This type of lawsuit is usually for damage sustained during car accidents, suing insurance companies and individuals to ensure the person who’s not at fault doesn’t have to pay to repair their vehicle.  There’s no reason they should have to shell out the cash when it’s not their fault.


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