Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Remedy: Is It Safe to Use?


Dental patients undergo cosmetic treatments for improving the way their smile looks. Stains are a common issue for dental patients and create aesthetically displeasing conditions. Dental professionals offer services for eliminating stains and restoring patients’ smiles. For instance, patients can head over to the cosmetic dentist in Tucker to explore the different treatment options. Patients who want to learn more about cosmetic solutions read about hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening services.

Who Shouldn’t Get Whitening Treatments and Why?

Dental patients with existing tooth or gum damage aren’t ideal candidates for the whitening treatments. The hydrogen peroxide used in the treatments will flow into cavities and cause serious pain and irritation. Patients with periodontal disease and serious gum sensitivities shouldn’t get the treatments. Dental professionals recommend undergoing a consultation or a dental cleaning before scheduling the treatments. Patients who want to know more about the procedures can learn about Teeth Whitening Near Me now.

How Do Dental Professionals Complete the Treatments?

First, the dental professional applies a barrier over the gums to prevent damage and irritation. Next, the peroxide solution is applied to each individual tooth, and each tooth is well coated. An ultraviolet lamp cures the solution and maximizes its whitening potential. The dental professional rinses the solution off the teeth and examines the teeth and gums for irritation.

How Often Should Patients Get the Treatments?

The dental professionals recommend a six-week gap between professional whitening treatments to prevent wearing of the tooth enamel and keep it stronger. However, patients with more stubborn stains undergo several whitening treatments to achieve maximum whiteness. The dentists might perform the procedures every week to lift and remove the stains properly.

Dentists advise the patients to avoid stain-producing beverages and foods while undergoing the treatments. Smoking creates the most stubborn stains, and those stains are more difficult to remove. Drinking tea, coffee, and red wine also creates hard-to-remove stains on tooth enamel.

Do Dentists Provide At-Home Whitening Options?

Some dental professionals provide at-home whitening treatments for patients to maintain the whitening effects of the treatments. Most at-home kits are pre-filled with non-professional grade peroxide solutions. The patient places the tray over their teeth for about 30 minutes and then rinses the solution off their teeth. Patients are advised to use only one tray per week to avoid potential tooth or gum damage.

When are Whitening Treatments Not the Best Option?

Permanent discoloration because of the aging process is often resistant to whitening treatments. Dental professionals recommend veneers to eliminate the discoloration and restore the tooth enamel. The procedures require the dentist to create an indention into the front of the tooth enamel. The veneer is reshaped and fitted to the front side of the tooth enamel. The dentist cures the veneer with an ultraviolet lamp.

How Safe Are Whitening Treatments?

Teeth whitening treatments don’t pose any risk to the patients. However, patients with existing allergies to peroxide shouldn’t undergo the treatments. An allergic reaction is possible and presents the patients with pain, irritation, and other allergy-based symptoms.

Dental patients schedule teeth whitening treatments for restoring their smiles and make them look their best. Stains on tooth enamel don’t come off with traditional toothpaste alone. Professional whitening treatments offer a better solution and take only 30 minutes to complete. Dental professionals set up a schedule for the cosmetic procedures for maximum whitening potential. Patients who undergo professional whitening treatments have a beautiful and whiter smile for months.


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