Why you should Hire Lawyers of Distinction When Starting a Company


If you create a new business, you need a huge amount of things “here and now.” You need a great product or a demanded service; you need a broad market, qualified employees, etc.

One of the items on this list that entrepreneurs tend to forget about at the start of their journey is to hire a business lawyer. But having an experienced lawyer on the staff gives a startup a lot of valuable advantages. Of course, the services of lawyers are not cheap, but in several situations, they are invaluable.

Let’s look at why you should use Lawyers of Distinction to help you find a business law attorney from the very first days of the company.


As an entrepreneur, you will face a wide range of challenges that ordinary employees never see. And one of them is contracts. The contract is an integral part of doing business. They will be needed for hiring employees, selling services to your clients, working with suppliers, and much more.

No one can draw up a contract for your firm better than your business lawyer. They know how to make the text of the document “impenetrable” so that it protects you from all sides. In any situation when you need to sign a contract, your lawyer will be ready to identify problems and discuss amendments and to look for tricky loopholes in the texts of contracts that could end badly for your company.

Business Organization

No building, no relationship, and no business can stand the test of time when built on a weak foundation. And it is business lawyers who will help you lay this foundation from the very beginning.

They will give helpful advice on registering a company, given that different forms of organization have different tax obligations and different possibilities for obtaining loans.

If for any reason, you need to ensure cooperation with another organization, a lawyer should be present to read over any potential contracts to insure the terms are agreeable to their client.

Real Estate Transactions

When it comes to real estate, the owner strives to get the most out of the transaction. This also applies to renting premises for an office, a store, a warehouse, etc.

Make sure your lawyers review contracts and leases to ensure they are legal. These documents are often so voluminous and complex that many businesspeople have no time to study them in detail. Your lawyer’s job is to carefully study each letter of the agreement and, as a result, give you the go-ahead to sign it or warn about any potential danger.

Intellectual Property

While specially trained people handle most patenting and copywriting tasks – intellectual property specialists, your lawyer can make these tasks easier for you, freeing up time for you to further establish your business.

Lawyers oftentimes have valuable insider knowledge and a vast network of connections allowing them to assist you in finding appropriate assistance.

Asset Defense

Having a lawyer on retainer is invaluable for protecting your assets and shielding you from frivolous litigation. The intervention of your attorney can save you from a myriad of potential issues without ever requiring those issues to proceed to litigation. Whether you need to craft a cease-and-desist letter or arbitration, on-had legal representation is invaluable.


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