How to Hire an Attorney: Your Step by Step Guide


If you’ve never needed the help of a lawyer before, then you should be grateful. However, you shouldn’t be too comfortable because things can still change, and you find yourself being sued or suing someone. When this happens, you’ll need to hire an attorney to give you appropriate legal advice or represent you in court.

Knowing where or how to hire an attorney is not easy. Remember, not everyone that goes in and out of court knows the law. Some are newbies, while others are simply incompetent.

There are a lot of things you need to consider before hiring a lawyer to handle your case. Below is a step-by-step guide that will help you find and hire a good lawyer.

Are You Going To Be Comfortable Talking To the Attorney?

Your lawyer is someone you’re going to have to trust and work with closely. You have to be factual and honest with them to let them help you out. Before you discuss essential details with your attorney, you need to know whether you can trust them.

Remember that you’re going to talk about things that can make you uncomfortable during your case. The lawyer you hire should make you comfortable and provide enough assurance that they’re with you. They should be there to offer a shoulder to cry on when things seem to go south.

Hire an attorney that you can tell something that you aren’t proud of. No matter the situation, they should be on your side always and not once make you feel like a criminal. Establish that client-lawyer relationship before you start working.

Ask the Lawyer If You Need an Attorney

Ask your lawyer, “Do I need to hire an attorney for my case?” Your lawyer should tell you with all honesty if your case requires a lawyer. If you find a lawyer who tells you that you don’t need a lawyer for your particular case, then that’s a lawyer you should never forget.

That’s a lawyer who can get back to them whenever you need help because they serve your interest first before serving their own. Of course, they need the money, but a good lawyer should not charge you for something you can do without their help.

Hire a Lawyer Who Knows the People Handling Your Case

Most people involved in lawsuits will always want to know what will be the outcome of their cases. However, this isn’t a question a reliable lawyer should answer. If the lawyer answers such questions, that means that the lawyer had already predetermined your case’s outcome.

Such lawyers won’t help you with your case because they won’t have to scrutinize the evidence and every possibility. They won’t spend their time to get you a better result.

Go ahead and ask them about the judges, the prosecutor, and what their tendencies are. Make sure you ask them about the people behind your case and how you can use that information to give them what they want. Let the attorney tell you what to do to put yourself in the best situation to meet the needs of people handling your case.

Ask the Lawyer What’s Their Plan and Any Other Backup Plan

A good question for your attorney shouldn’t be what will happen in your case. Ask them the plans they have to ensure you get a good outcome, such as how they’re going to handle the case and what they require of you.

What if things don’t turn out the way they planned? Does the attorney have a backup plan that can still work in your favor?

Ask what you can do if you’re charged with a crime immediately. You need to work together to advance your plan and set up a backup plan to get the best result from your case.

Hire a Lawyer Who Asks You Why They Should Take Your Case

Questions like, “Why I should hire you as my lawyer” opens the door for lawyers to tell you what they’re great at. That means that they’re mainly specialized in that particular law because they’ve tried several such cases. Their client contact with you is superb, and they have several things they’re proud of in their law career.

But everything doesn’t have to revolve around the lawyer. The best lawyer will look back and ask you why you want them to spend time helping you out. They’ll ask you why you want them to take on your case.

Make sure you hire an attorney who’s in demand and have their client’s interest at heart. Don’t hire an attorney who’s only interested in your business. Remember that a reputable lawyer is also confident in their work and can say no if working with you doesn’t seem like a good deal.

Understand How to Hire an Attorney With Experience in Your Case

You cannot hire a personal injury lawyer for a case involving divorce or property loss. You need a lawyer with experience in your particular case, and this resource on personal injuries can help. Such lawyers always know how such cases work, what to expect, and have higher chances of bringing the best results.

Consider asking them the number of cases that almost look like yours. Ask them how many cases they’ve won like yours. Their track record will go a long way in coming up with the best outcome in your favor.

You might also want to know how long they’ve been practicing law, especially the specific area concerning your case. Remember, just because your lawyer has over 20 years in criminal defense doesn’t mean they can handle real estate law or divorce cases. You need to have full information about your lawyer before proceeding.

Take Your Time to Hire a Good Attorney

Finding a lawyer is not difficult; the problem is finding a reputable one. Sometimes the best place to start when wondering how to hire an attorney is the referrals from friends, family, and online searches. You can also check the referral service from a local bar association if you fail to get personal recommendations.

Even with a good referral, don’t forget to follow the due process and the steps mentioned above. Due diligence on your side can go a long way in ensuring the best outcome from your case.

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