Helpful Add-Ons for a More Beautiful Room


You can improve the looks and aura of your room with only minimal effort, I promise you. You might not have paid attention in the past on beautifying your room, but now, you actually have a reason to, and  it’s not just a made up excuse If you work hard for yourself or your family because you NEED a beautiful room.

A healthy life starts with orderliness and love for one’s personal space at home. Trust me, the moment you get a more comfortable bed, better lighting and everything else better… all the other things in your life will follow along.

Start with these:

1. Improve your Wardrobe

At the beginning of each day, you always end up in front of your wardrobe looking for which shirt to wear, which shoes to match and which jeans you haven’t spoiled for a week or more.

Deciding which outfit to wear… and suddenly, the clutter stops you! What better way to ruin your day than spending an unreasonable amount of precious time digging through your clothes!

Save a lot of time and at the same time, beautify your room by upgrading your wardrobe. If you are a victim of unsystematic organization of clothes, you should really learn from wardrobes experts. Better yet, ask for their advice.

If you simply want to improve the looks of your room, upgrading your wardrobe is one step towards it.

2. Add a Statement Piece

Personalize your room with a statement piece that relates to you. Make it an attractive candy to your room which would grab the attention of your visitors at an instant.

What should a statement piece be? There are actually a lot of choices you can choose from. If you are a lover of art, then let it be a painting that describes how you see yourself or life or simply art itself. Adding a furniture to your room is also a good idea. If you have quite a spacious room, then a round center table would do great. How about a chandelier? I’ve seen strings of yarn artistically improve a room’s overall appeal ten fold.

Be bold and express yourself! Beautify your room with courage.

3. Tall Curtains

Anything that makes the ceilings go higher will make your room grander and more beautiful. Tall curtains do this well. They do a good job in making the illusion that the ceiling is a foot higher than it actually is. Adjust your curtains that they hang just a tad bit below ceiling height. Make them droop to the floor.

4. Useful Furniture

You must know that beauty doesn’t only imply good appearance. Functionality adds to the beauty, take note of that.

Get rid of the clutter in your room with a good-looking and practical dresser, cabinet, wardrobe, etcetera.

5. Change the Color of Your Walls

Instantly change the aura of your room by getting a new paint job. Wallpapers do great as well.

It’s advisable that you get a relaxing color dominate the majority of your room. You want to be able to look around and have your eyes relaxed. Green? It’s a good color that matches the relaxing look of nature. Light blue is kind of a magical color that absorbs the energy of the day and blends with the night’s silence. Play safe with white. Be daring with black.

Your Home is a BIG Investment

Spending time, effort and money to make your home more beautiful starting with your own personal space is a big investment, not only for the future value of your property. It is also a big investment in your daily improvement and success. A beautiful home is one factor that contributes to your success in the future.


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