How Hard Is Law School? This Is What You Need to Understand


Law school and medical school are the twin stereotypes of intensive and challenging higher learning. Law schools, in particular, appear in a lot of media as grueling and expensive.

Is this all true? While most media like TV and movies color things in dramatic angles, law school has some intense challenges unlike any other you may face.

How hard is law school? Let’s break down the details on the how and why and see for ourselves.

How Hard Is Law School?

Law school being hard is a subjective statement. While hard can mean anything, there are some strong differences in how law school works that it can throw off almost any student.

Law school is an intensive education, with few chances to showcase what you learn and a very different method of teaching.

The Differences in Teaching

There are two major differences in how law school approaches education that throw people off. You can adapt to both of these, but shifting how you learn often leaves a major impact.

The first major change is that grading is on a competitive scale.

Your skill on tests needs to not only be high but they also need to be better than your peers. Every person scoring above you lowers your potential grade.

This forms an intense competitive environment as everyone struggles even harder for good grades. As well, there is often only one test per semester that is worth anything, putting all your hard work on one chance to succeed.

The second major change is how professors teach the law.

The Case Method and Socratic Method put a different focus on what you need to do in class and how you learn for the exams. Let’s explore those in more detail.

The Case Method

The case method changes how the classroom works. Instead of a professor lecturing you on what will be on the test, they will review actual cases and discuss them in class.

From here, the case method requires you to break down what is the relevant information in each case. You gather the details of the law and how the cases use it.

It means there is also a lot of unneeded information to parse through. This can be frustrating, but it is how a lawyer must glean information.

The Socratic Method

The Socratic Method is a type of teaching. The professor calls upon a student at random and bombards them with questions on the general subject at hand.

It means you need to prepare yourself to face it at any moment. This keeps you on your toes, but can create a lot of frustration. Focus on the information and not on how embarrassing it may be.

Planning for a Career

To complicate things, during your entire time at law school you should prepare for your career afterward. The competition and detail orientation shift right into how you practice.

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Preparing Yourself With Information

With all of this in mind, how hard is law school? The real answer, like much in law, has many qualifiers. It is a different kind of study, but preparation can change how hard it is.

Preparation is a good trait to have for any kind of learning. When you need information, you want to know you are getting it from a credible source. We bring the best news you can find, so try out our other articles today!


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