Can Gold Be A Part Of Your Retirement Strategy


Once retirement age has come, the steady flow of your standard income will stop. Moving forward to accommodate regular monthly expenses, retirees need to rely on what they could accumulate with investments, savings, and perhaps alternate resources.

Those who begin saving and investing early have plenty of time to develop a strategy to plan for these years, with retirement typically starting around the age of between 60 and 65.

Many investors consider gold and other precious metals as an addition to their holdings in addition to conventional holdings. A gold IRA adds a layer of stability to a retirement portfolio, especially important as retirement grows nearer.

No one wants to work to develop a lifetime of savings to experience a complete loss when an economic crisis strikes because investments focus on one class of assets solely. See here why gold is an investor’s ideal option.

Is Gold A Wise Addition To A Retirement Strategy

Monopolizing an investment portfolio with a single class of assets puts a retiree at risk mainly because those assets rely on the market for how they perform. That’s especially true with conventional holdings like stocks, bonds, or mutual funds closely correlating to the performance of the market.

When building a strategy that will carry your nice egg comfortably into the future, it’s essential to ensure a good balance or diversity among the holdings. In doing so, many investors are choosing gold as a viable option. There are a few reasons the precious metal is a wise option for a retiree’s portfolio.

Withstand financial crisis

Gold is not without its own volatility. However, the precious metal has a long history of retaining its worth. Over the last two decades alone, there have been roughly three extreme cases of financial deterioration, with gold hedging those crises for anyone who had this as a backup in their plan—those who did not suffer significant loss along with the economy.

Market volatility has the possibility of creating fluctuations in the precious metal in the short period prices. But with retirement planning as a longer-term goal, the addition of this “inflation hedge” is wise – conservatively.

You also don’t want to unbalance your holdings to the point you have a heavy hand towards precious metals, either. That takes away the diversification factor and creates a different set of risks. Remember, gold doesn’t pay dividends.


Gold adds a level of diversity to a retirement portfolio keeping savings safe and retaining the stability of the portfolio. While paper assets will rise and fall in correlation to the market, gold is a relatively low-risk option since you can nearly always count on the metal to appreciate when your stocks and other paper fall.


Gold acts as a liquid asset that investors trade and sell with ease due to its worth worldwide. Whether you have digital or physical gold in any amount in your holdings, it will be beneficial, particularly if you find yourself at a financial disadvantage or in an emergent situation.

Gifts or inheritance

Retirees who build an abundant retirement savings might find that they want to ensure that some of their precious metals will go to their next generation in either an inheritance or perhaps they want to pass these on as a gift. As a physical commodity, gold in an inheritance capacity cannot be taxed.

The commodity can serve as a significant starting point for a young family member’s life savings or investment building strategy. With sufficient amounts in your holdings, you can also “gift” gold to those close to you to ensure they receive the assets, and perhaps you can begin to guide them on your methods as an investor.

Final Thought

Thinking about retirement should start as early as possible since developing a strategy takes considerable time, forethought, and planning. It’s essential to ensure that the holdings in the portfolio balance each other out. If you experience a loss with one particular class of assets, there are other holdings to keep the plan balanced, secure, and safe.

A partially gold portfolio retirement is one of those assets that can help to diversify when used conservatively. With stability, you’re sure to see a successful future.


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