How to Generate More Leads For Your Law Firm


What’s the most challenging aspect of being an attorney? For 17% of lawyers, it’s lead generation.

The ability to generate leads on a regular basis determines the success of your law practice. You need to put systems in place and be strategic about marketing for lead generation.

Are you ready to learn the top marketing tips to get high-quality leads for your law practice?

Read on to discover the top ways to generate leads and how you measure your success.


Referrals are the top method of lead generation for attorneys. Referrals aren’t always reliable, though.

You can have well-meaning clients refer business to you, but they’re the wrong type of client. The referral can be non-committal or completely disappear.

These are normal behaviors, and they shouldn’t prevent you from asking for referrals.

What you should do is put a system in place that ensures that you get the right type of lead. Start by having clarity about who you work with and how you help them. That needs to be clear to everyone you talk to.

Think about the differences between a general practice attorney and a bankruptcy attorney is that you know exactly what a bankruptcy attorney does. You need to have specificity in your own practice.

You’ll get better leads, but you have to have a follow-up system in place to ensure those leads become clients.

2Law Firm SEO

When people want legal information or they need a lawyer, they’ll look online. Even if you have a great referral system in place, many of those people will look for more information about you online.

That’s why your legal practice needs to be listed in search engines. People will look for the best solicitors, best lawyers near me, or best tax attorney near me.

Getting into the first page of search results improves your chances of getting a lead.

Make sure your business is listed in Google My Business. It’s free and can help your practice get found in local searches.

There are other ranking factors to consider in order to get to the top of search results. Website performance is a big deal. Your site should load quickly so you don’t lose potential leads.

3Search Ads

Law firm SEO does take a while to build up. What if you want to generate leads now? The best way to do that is through paid search ads.

These ads are highly competitive for attorneys, often costing $15 or more per click. You should be prepared to invest thousands of dollars each month in PPC ads.

To make the most of your ad budget, you can invest in a video ad that appears on YouTube. These ads are less competitive for attorneys and can be a good option for your practice.


How often do you surround yourself with potential clients? You might find it hard to get out of the office, but it’s worth it to find leads.

Make it a point to attend networking groups in your area. Which ones should you attend? Go where your potential clients are.

A real estate attorney should attend groups for real estate investors and business owners. A business attorney should attend chamber of commerce meetings.

As you become known in certain networking groups, ask if you can be a presenter on topics related to your area of law.

5Host Webinars

A webinar is a great way to show off your expertise and add value to others. You should pick one topic and do a deep dive into that topic.

For example, if you target startup businesses, your webinar can be about setting up the right legal structure. If you help people get out of tax debt, a webinar about the options to get out of tax debt is useful.

The real question is how you promote your webinar. Many attorneys have been successful at promoting webinars on social media.

A paid ad on social media directs people to a landing page. That’s where you explain why people should sign up.

When they do, they’ll be on your email list. They’ll attend the webinar and after the webinar, you can reach out to them if they have any questions.

6Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is something that entices people to sign up to your email list from your website. This could be a guide about your area of expertise or a case study that demonstrates how you helped a client.

A lead magnet should be something simple and valuable to your clients. The nice thing about lead magnets is that you can automate follow-up emails. After three emails, you can ask clients to book a consultation with you.

Measure Digital Marketing Success

This isn’t a tip to generate leads, but it does determine your success. There are measurements that you need to use to determine whether your lead generation campaigns are successful or not.

The first is the cost per lead. This is the amount of money spent to generate one lead. For example, if you run a PPC ad that gets 50 clicks per lead and each click costs $20, you spent $1000.

The next metric is your conversion rate. That measures the percentage of leads that turn into clients. Let’s say that you have a 50% conversion rate. Using the example above, you’ll spend $2000 to generate a client.

Now, how much revenue does that client generate? If it’s a $10,000 client, you’ll get a nice return on investment. If you get a $500 client, you’ll need to reassess your marketing.

Marketing Tips to Generate Leads

Hopefully, you have a lot of ideas to generate leads for your law practice. You can choose one or more of these suggestions to see how they work for you.

Ready for more digital marketing tips? Take a look at the other articles on this site today!


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