Explore the “South” of North America



No, you simply can’t stop the daring hearts, the ones who keep on exploring. You can’t stop the people who always keep their lives on stakes and then walk around. These are the faces who know the real world apart from the political delusions and are out of the social media trap.

Once there was a rebel named 2 Pac he said, “Mess with the best and the vest, can’t save you.”

So, basically, I’m saying that there have no boundaries yet been created that can bar the adventurous population from exploring beyond the horizons of the planets, most challenging places on earth.

The urban adrenaline beasts find ways to fulfill their anxiety in the motherland; whether it’s Northern US or Southern US. Well, the northern part of the United States has snow-peaked mountains to unravel the rage of skiing in spines, and what not. At the same time, the southern U.S. has a lot more to explore.

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Let’s see what are those places in the southern part of the country.

1. Massive Pyramids at Teotihuacan

Massive Pyramids at Teotihuacan

The place is known for the pyramid of sun and moon. The trip is worthy of starting an early morning dragging yourself out of bed and get into the hot air balloon to enjoy the mesmerizing top view of the site. The time required to reach from Mexico city is approximately 30 minutes to the famous 1800-year-old site.

2. Experience the Aerobatic Plane in Las Vegas

The eagle’s point of view of the Vegas city is mind-blowing, thrilling, and please! Keep your buffet aside for the later part. The moment you are in an aerobatic plane to have sightseeing, pull Gs your x-factor will not rest and also the heart will thrush the blood like the waters of Congo river.

Experience the Aerobatic Plane in Las Vegas

ImageSource: OutsideOnline

For the full experience, the firm named by Sky Combat Ace takes the adventure to its all limits. The pilot shows you every maneuver on the course, like barrel roll, hammerhead, and loop, before the enthusiast wants to test his skills.

3. Misol Ha

Misol Ha

The awesome lonely waterfall in Chiapas site is 35 meters in height. One can swim in the water but it is highly recommended not to go beyond the limit in waters. The Lifeguard is always active and ready to blow his whistle.

The spray of the waterfall can be felt at even behind the waterfall, this has got a cave, where you have your hair sensing the cool breeze with a light spray of the waterfall. Inside the cave, there is a cave at the end of the rocky pathway.

Beyond this, you will not wish to go if you have some kind of fear or phobia to the bats. By bats, I mean lots of bats. If you truly want to enjoy the darkness and the coolness, go ahead.

4. Diving underwater in Isla Mujeres

Mexico has the second largest reef in the world, of course after the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. The place has got the underwater museum popularly known by the name of MUSA. The crystal clear and pristine water makes the place the perfect suite for scuba diving surrounding the eerie figures which erectile at the seafloor, and stare to the surface of the water.

The Volkswagon bug can also be seen with colourful fish and other aquatic life.

5. Rapids in Veracruz

There’s no adventurer who does not love white water rafting. Where’s the fun if there is no or haven’t met with some risk down the stream.

Rapids in Veracruz

The wild waters of Veracruz is a perfect place to boost the adrenalin, and roar while pedalling the raft. The epic river is filled with the steep and sudden drops with some narrow canyons which make the river a real badass.

6. Chiapas: Palenque Mayan Ruins

If you are also fond of the history then I bet the place will intrigue you in some next level of imagination world of your history thoughts. Mayan ruins are the perfect bliss for one in Chiapas and whole in Mexico. The ruins are standing since the 7th century and have seen the rise and fall of dynasties here. Perhaps not as large as Tikal, its neighbour but still possess a lot of possession.

Get lost in the passageways of the maze of Red Queen and keep on wandering inside until you are done or exhausted. Climb the mountain El Palacio to have the awesome view of the shrine of inscriptions which has the dimensions of approximately 27 meters in height and 42 meters buried under the ground

7. Lacanja River Rafting

Every adventure is shortened if it does not have the essence of river rafting. So, this requirement is fulfilled by the river Lacanja in Mexico. Well, the course has no rapids but the small waterfalls drop your jaws down. This is a perfect explosion.

The cruising keeps on down the course with some more of two to three meters waterfalls. This bursts! While the whole rafting one ends with the water filled mouths in Jule’s lap at last point. The plain course of the river keeps you on with the vegetation and wild flora at the banks of the river.

8. Skydiving in Southern California

Skydiving in Southern California

If someone dreams of the marvellous adventure to rush the blood in the veins to flow at more rapid speed then skydiving keeps your level up and adrenaline is spooked up when one jumps from the height of 10,000 feet under no gravity or a free fall, you are coming down at the speed of 120mph towards the Pacific ocean. The landing is simple and comfortable, and you aren’t going to hurt at any cost that’s made sure by the Skydive Pismo Beach locals who can provide you with the free fall of 25,45 or a minute lasting skydiving.

The Council of Words

The country has got so much of beauty hidden by the mother nature to be uncovered by the human eyes in the southern site. The terrain, mountains, rivers, lakes, and name it, you will have all here. The only requirement is of time and devotion of the traveller or adventurer in the area.

More he spend, more (s)he will be intact with the nature not only of this country but also globally. He will not think of wasting natural resources, trashing here and there, instead (s)he will preserve the beauty of the mother nature.


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