Enhancing the Value of Your Property the Smart Way


In this day and age, property prices are through the roof, compared to that of what they were 20 or so years ago. And according to economists, that trend will remain in place for some time to come. But, if this is a general trend, and the price of property is increasing for everyone, how can you possibly enhance the value of yours without spending a small fortune? Don’t fret. Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to enhance the value of your home without taking a second mortgage in which to do it, and in this article we’ll go through some of the more effective options (in our opinion).

1Re-decorate the kitchen.

It’s one of the most regarded rooms in the house and is often the main focus point for buyers. Even if you can’t afford to do up the whole kitchen, just a couple of minor improvements here and there can make all the difference. Painting cupboard doors can totally revive a kitchen, as can replacing the cupboard handles. Also ensure there’s adequate lighting and that it’s not overly cluttered.

2Make it open plan.

Opening up the space between the kitchen, living room, and dining room is becoming more and more popular every day. Not only does it create a much larger space for the whole family to enjoy it often makes the room much lighter and immediately appealing.

3Banish the birds.

For some people feeding the birds is a daily task. Watching them eat and fly around harmlessly can be quite relaxing. The problem is that with birds comes bird poo. And with bird poo comes a whole lot of mess. Not really what a potential buyer wants to see. The easiest way to get rid of the mess, without the chore of daily cleaning is to banish the birds. By eradicating any food sources, most are likely to go on their own anyway. If not, consider investing in some bird spikes or netting to prevent them settling or getting in places they shouldn’t.

4Spruce up the garden.

The way a garden looks can be a deal breaker when it comes to selling your home. A good garden takes a lot of work to look nice and needs to be maintained regularly. However, It can enhance the value of your property considerably. You don’t need to have elaborate water features or statues, or anything like that. Simply keep it tidy. Trim any shabby borders and cut back any overgrown weeds. Make it feel inviting. Decking also adds a nice touch if you have the room and a little spare cash.

5Upgrade the glazing.

Most properties these days have converted to double glazing, but if yours hasn’t yet been done, you may want to consider it. Double glazing not only helps insulate the property, but it also helps to block out any noise pollution. On top of that, it’s estimated that the average value of property can rise by around 10% with a new double-glazing installation.

6Smart features.

More and more people are becoming energy conscious, so having a property that boasts all the latest smart, energy-efficient technologies is often a good selling point. A device such as Hive is one feature worth considering. With this device you can control your home heating system from wherever you are in the world. So, no more forgetting to turn the heating off when you go away.

These are all things that are relatively easy to do and won’t cost you a fortune. The increase in value to your home should well outweigh the costs of any of these improvements provided you take the time to do them right. If you have the time and the spare cash, and want to try and increase your home’s value even further, there are a fewer bigger projects worth looking into including:

  • Adding a conservatory
  • Converting the loft into a bedroom
  • Converting the garage into a livable space

While these will no doubt enhance the value of your home, they will cost you time and money in getting them done. And all, will require planning permission. So just bear that in mind also.

Now, all that’s left for you to do is take a few moments now, figure out what improvements you want to do, set your budget, and hop to it. Then watch and smile nicely as your hard efforts are returned with an increase in your property’s value.

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